Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some truth about me

I think truth brings people together. I think we all have an idea of what truth is, you all have our own, but we don't all want to share. Or maybe we just don't want to share it all.

My pursuit, is to be as honest as I can, in hopes, that others can be as honest as they can be. (Even though honestly, I don't probably want ALL of their honesty. I'm just being honest).

Be honest. You secretly get excited when someone else 'knows' what you are talking about.

Here are some of my truths:

For the first time in my life I have several closets in my home that I pray no one opens because I know a mountain of things will come tumbling out.

The other night before my party for 3, I ran around the hour before my guests were to arrive and started whipping random items (even garbage) inside my closets. It worked.

I have something in common with 'Chandler' off of 'Friends' If you can guess I'll tell you what. But until then I won't. Good luck.

Our office literally looks like a box of paper exploded in it.

This explosion appearance the office gives off is likely because the other day when I was looking for something I got REALLY frustrated and picked up a pile of papers, (that should have been filed months ago and weren't), and threw them with all my might at the wall. I never used to allow myself to do these things. One day I did and now I love throwing stuff when I'm mad. It feels really good.

I have a spoon from someone else's house, recently used by someone else, in my purse. Yeah, that's gross.

We have to put puppy pads down in our bedroom because we realized that one of our darlings, every once in a while cant' make it (or chooses not to) through the night. At least he uses the pad (well most of the time).

I have several stacks of unopened bills around the house. I'm thankful for automatic withdrawal.

My party dress is still laying, inside out in a ball, on my night table waiting to be washed.

Did I mention I throw things when I'm mad and love it? Seriously, the best feeling in the world.

I can't live without Fiber One. Especially with iron supplements in my life now. Sorry, but it's true.

Did you know that I can't just throw out tissue paper? When I see someone open a gift bag with tons of brand new tissue paper in it and they ball it's crispy perfect ends up because they are going to throw it out, my heart goes into convulsions. I CAN'T stand it!!!!!!

When I get mad that I can't find something I'm looking for, I instantly blame Wally. I mostly know this is irrational but I do it because when I'm mad I think I'm the only one that can be right. Sorry Wally!

I told myself that I ate perfectly for 5 days last week and when I look back I have to admit that, unless 'perfect' has been redefined, I'm a liar.

I secretly like my facebook fame. Ok I'm not facebook famous but many of my non real life friends who are my facebook friends will comment on how much they enjoy my status updates and I feel famous. I swear in the past 6 weeks I've heard this probably ten times from random 'not my real friends' people. It's weird and great at the same time.

I barely ever wash my fruits and vegetables, even when they are clearly dirty. Think twice before coming to my house for dinner!

The other day I accidentally erased the message of my mom singing 'Happy Birthday' to me. I felt like I erased her. It broke my heart. I was even more mad that the 4 messages that weren't erased were all work related. Grrrrr...

I still use chopsticks, even though I get irritated every morning when I use them for my eggs. Slippery little buggars.

I secretly care what people think about what I write and worry often if I hurt their feelings. I know writing from your heart is important though and remind myself they have the option not to read if they are offended. My hope is that they will heed that voice rather than keeping reading to make their case against me. I'll be honest, if I was pissed off I might just keep reading to hate them more. I'm like that sometimes.

S-E-X. I want to write a post about it so bad but I'm quite positive Wally wouldn't appreciate that honesty. Maybe someday...

I am acutely aware of the cleanliness of certain 'areas' now that I am a thong wearer. (Not that I was a dirty girl before, I'm just sayin' ...)

Yeah. It think that's enough truth for one day.


Stacy said...

I met a girl once who kept all her old dishes for when she gets married. When asked why she said "because I'm Portuguese and I will throw them when I get mad at my husband"

Made sense.

Zoe said...

Wow, that was a lot of truth sharing! I like it! =0)