Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Come run with me

I have shared with you what my training was like through one of my runs on my way to getting to 5 K. I shared what was on my mind and how my body was feeling. I was thinking about having reached 4 miles (approx. 6.5 K)and how my thoughts doing so on the treadmill were a bit different.

Join me as I step onto the treadmill ...

First things first we need to press start. Then 3 and 'ok' as to not feel like a snail. I then take a moment to gear up and start my precious ipod I barely know how to work. My play list is strategically organized to get me through approximately 42 minutes of running, for only the second time.

As I'm doing this I am remembering that I have to put the incline up to 1% as to imitate running on an outside surface. It's not the same but it is more challenging than 0 that's for sure.

I start my play list (which Wally has entitled 'Hyper Workout Action' on my little mystery machine). I get into a good pace to warm up with. I bump the speed up to 3.5 and I walk.

My new play list starts with 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars. One of those songs everyone loves to hate because it makes no sense what-so-ever...

'I'd catch a grenade for you, throw my hand on a blade for you, I'd jump in front of a train for you, you know I'd do anything for you ....'

He goes on to name a long list of things he'd do for this 'mad woman' who apparently doesn't love him back but that he'd still take a 'bullet to the brain' for. One of my favourite parts is when he says 'Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you're from'. The day I actually figured out what he menat I commented to Wally what a smart thing to say that was, need less to say Wally shook his head and wondered why I hadn't caught that line forever ago.

It really makes no sense BUT it has a good beat and build which gets the blood pumping which is exactly what I need. By the time the song is over I'm generally ready to punch in the numbers 5.7 (I've been adding .1 a week the past couple of weeks to get me up to a 10 minute mile mark as that's considered a ok average of speed).

I take note that I've walked a quarter of a mile already so I will need to make sure the treadmill says 4.25 when I'm done.

Then I start running. It feels good and the song does too. I'm now listening to 'Price Tag' by Jessie J. After asking Glo what her play list was like one day she mentioned this song was on it, I'd considered buying it before but wasn't sure if it would be right for my run. That day I knew it would be perfect for my running when Glo left as now it immediately remind me of her.

I don't know who Moon heads, Coconut man and P (is that even right?) are but that's how she starts the song. It's a great song and has a decent message about 'making the world dance' and how life's not about the money. (You'll soon realize why I point out the good message in this song).

I run easily through the song. I feel good.

Next comes one of my guilty pleasure singers - Katy Perry. I want to not like her because I saw one of music videos for 'California girls' and I almost died laughing. I suppose it would be fun to have a bra that squirted whipping cream but I'm not sure how that makes a good music video or any intelligent sense. And Snoop Dog was in it to boot. Honestly I just think he's an odd looking guy. I can't help wondering every time I see him how he's rich and famous when he looks so scraggly and puny. Oh well, who knows?

I listen to her latest single and feel like I'm 12 years old listening to something rated R (for my time it would've been). I hear lyrics about 'Last Friday Night' and what apparently teenagers do (my parents would have killed me). I hear the lyrics about a menage a toi and blush hoping no one else in the gym can hear what I'm listening to.

I continue to run without issue. Near the end of the song comes my least favourite part where the group who's having a great Friday night start chanting 'T.G.I.F.' over and over and I detest it to no end. Don't know why really, I just hate it. I jog through it and focus on the fact a new song will come.

It does and I am embarrassed to admit I LOVE 'Don't turn out the Lights' by NKOTBSB. It took courage for me to download that one (and admit it to any readers!) because I was never a boy band girl. I thought they were silly and inappropriate. Clearly now any standard I ever had for music has flown out the window in the name of running further.

Anyhow I LOVE this song just cause it makes me feel cute.


By now I'm feeling good still but consciously breathing.

It's time to get serious...

This is when I start counting. We're on song 4 of 12. I start telling myself '1/4 of the way there! Good job!' (over and over).

Katy's back with her last single 'E.T.' It's just weird and I didn't like it at first but it's single status hearkened my ordinary 'I like what everyone else likes' side of me. It's beat is strong and stable to get me through to a place where I begin saying '1/3 of the way there. 1/3 done!'

As I write I'm noticing a trend.

My next song is 'S & M' by Rihanna. Yes this should be enough to keep me out of heaven for sure.

I was completely offended when I heard the one lyric about certain activities done in the air and how it smells (I'm so sorry for my honesty here!). Seriously, who writes this stuff?! However I am starting to wonder if this offensive crap is out there for us easily offended to get us ensnared. I have a love/hate relationship with this song. Unfortunately mostly love though as it gets me to run through song 5.

Now I'm entering the possibility of the half way point. For this I added an old song I used to love power walking to. It's by Joss Stone, 'Put Your Hands on Me'

Sounds dirty. Trend indeed.

Anyways, I LOVE it, gets me going (running!!).

I run listening to those lyrics pretending hands are being put .... on me baby (ha ha ha!!!). I love it! She's just awesome. How many people can put you from nearly done to ready to run another 2 miles (while feeling damn sexy at the same time - which is alot considering not often do I feel sexy at the gym!).

I hear a lyric regarding a screw and pretend it's regarding putting up a picture so I can avoid confession later (yeah, I'm not even Catholic but this play list makes me consider going).

Next song comes on and reminds me of why I'm doing all this crazy running. 'I'm a Survivor'. I thought the half way point was a good place to be reminded of this. I'm not really into Destiny's Child but hey these lyrics help remind me of how far I've come, in so many areas of my life. I'm proud of this.

I get to the next song, number 8 and I begin talking again 'Almost 2/3rds, almost 2/3rds.' Keep running. 'Song 8, Song 8, Song 8'.

Which is 'If I Never see Your Face Again' by Marroon 5 and Rihanna. No explanation, just like it.

By Song 9 I need to hear that I'm getting close so Lady Gaga makes her appearance at Eva's personal concert with 'The Edge of Glory'. I get mad at myself for knowing this is an over 5 minute song. Not cool considering I have 2 more songs after this, but I keep repeating 'Song 9, song 9, song 9' and 'song 3 of 3, song 3 of 3'. Over and over I say these things until the edge seems closer (which incidentally seems to take forever). The saxophone part chimes in I hate it for some reason and wish it didn't remind me of '80s music. Oh well.

Oooooo next comes one of my favourite guys. 'Felt good on my Lips' by TIm McGraw. This used to be number one on my play list for running but I thought it might trigger something in me to give me energy for the last part of my run. I listened to him on my official 5 K and he just does it. This is just a great song even though it's a random country song in the middle of some serious trash (but trash that gets me to my running goals).

I continue my self talk 'Song 10, song, 10, song 10' and 'song 1 of 3, song 1 of 3'.

Nearing the end I return to Katy Perry with 'Teenage dream'. Indeed to make me feel like one while inside I am quite confident I'm dying. Saying 'Song 11, song 11, song 11' and 'last fast one before the finale!!'

This one seems long too but I remind myself of my favourite last song to run to.

And it comes ....

'Perfect' by Pink one of my favourite singers for sure. Like I actually respect her (yeah, yeah, even though I don't know her).

The lyrics could be my anthem, sort of. 'Pretty pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel less than perfect.' Every 11 year old girl needs to memorize the lyrics to the entire song and believe them (well they should wait for the beer til they're of age). I just think they're .... perfect.

It's at this point I check my miles and see where I'm at and slow back down to 3 miles/hr and walk it out to Lady Antebellum's 'Just a Kiss'.

I then feel out of this world proud of myself (although Saturday I began feeling nauseous around song 9 and wanted to quit I hung in so by the end I really felt ill, but still so happy).

I carefully wobble off of the treadmill, clean it off and do my stretches.

I then take out my ear buds and believe I am the strong woman I was always meant to be but never believed.

I'm starting to.