Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I've learned ...

In the past 36 hours is:

* adrenaline is an amazing thing

* risks are totally worth taking

* love is stronger than past hurts

* people are more important than pay

* old wheelchair vans on the highway make me nervous

* don't under estimate the power of an hour

* so many emotions can be found in tears

* the spirit behind my job is of much more importance to me than my actual job, therefore I can do it getting paid or not getting paid

* there is something special about the family bond - like it or not

* knowing death is near changes even the toughest heart

* you can eat healthy during a road trip

* Vivvie is the cutest sleeping person I've ever seen in my life

* trying to interpret someone who doesn't have a formal language after 36 hours of being in and out of hours of driving and visits requires more focus and patience

* budgets don't make miracles happen

* people need to stop long enough to hear a good story because when they do they will want to be a part of it

* I have an Amazing co worker who went above and beyond her job description (and does everyday). I can only hope to be half the worker she is someday

* joy still exists

* I know the cure for the Sads

* I need to slow down in a grander sense than cutting out a few hours of work a week

* I am a truly privileged person

I learned all of these things because of a little adventure I went on in the past two days. I really hope to write about it soon but it was so overwhelming I want to absorb it first and write it well.

I am exhausted but full of joy in this moment for what I was able to witness. It was indeed an honour.