Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is just a little review of some funnies that have occurred lately with us...

The other night we made some 'Clean' cookies with the main ingredient being hazelnuts which needed to be toasted first. I couldn't help but giggle after I said to Wally 'Hey can you give those nuts a shake?'

I have recently decided that wearing thongs to bed just doesn't work for me. The other night I was in my pj's and said to Wally 'My thong keeps getting stuck up my butt', at which time he replied with: 'Isn't it supposed to?'. I say 'Yeah.' He then just turns his head and laughs.

Wally and I were taking the dogs for a walk the other day and Wally turned to me and said in a manly yet sassy voice: 'That's a nice piece of ass you have'. I smiled with pride.

A conversation followed the previous statement. Wally was telling me about a woman who's boss stated what a fine piece of ass she was. In short she paid him back with humiliation and quit her job. I told Wally: 'If my boss said that to me I'd turn to him, take his hand and sincerely say 'Thank you. Thank you so much. I've worked very hard for it. Thank you.''

Yesterday we were visiting friends of ours who live a fair distance away and we haven't seen in a while. The husband is a pastor. They have a little girl who's 6 years old. We were sitting in church and she was drawing on a little note pad, something small on each page. I loved her pictures so much I later asked if I could have her book and I would pay her a dollar. She looked at me with almost apologetic eyes and said 'You can have it, but you don't have to pay me.' I paid her the dollar and got the notebook just to keep with me to make me smile.

In quotes are some of the words she wrote and then an explanation of the pictures she drew ...

'God' - drawing: a stick person with long hair and a dress.

'God's first person Adam' - drawing: person with a belly and arrows pointing to it with the word belly (she later said 'He has man boobs but we won't talk about those things anymore' Ha ha ha!!!).

'God's second person ever' - drawing: same as God's first person ever only with long hair and two stick arms.

'God's laws don't touch nothing unclean' - drawing: stick man with beard with what I'm guessing was the tablet of laws (When I asked her about this she said she didn't write it word for word as she did not want to plagiarize!!! This almost killed me).

'Jesuses last diner' - drawing: a table with round dots on it (would've loved to see what a diner back then looked like, I also love how it was supposed to be the last dinner and not the last supper!)

Hope these brighten your day!