Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Right Now ....

* I want to lay in bed all day and read, read, read.

* I want to find a perfect cure for the 2 day post workout that leaves your muscles in excruciating pain

* I want to know all of the answers

* I want to know why my oldest dog is having a hard time keeping the contents of his bladder INSIDE his bladder

* I want to lie and say I'm wonderful at my job, it's a perfect fit and I should get an award for all of my hard work

* I want to help Wally find a good friend or two

* I want a magic fairy to cut and colour my hair perfectly so I never had to worry about it again

* I want not to be the type to worry about my hair

* I want to propose the idea of wearing ear plugs to work at certain times or at least free access to Advil :)

* I want someone to magically budget our money so I never have to give it a thought

* I want to realize what a blessing it is to have money to budget

* I want to stop wanting and just be content.

Maybe that's what I should write a book about: Contentment. Ummmmm, probly I wouldn't be the best one to write about that.

Instead, right now I am saying good day to you and heading off to work to hopefully be reminded how to be content.

Thailand can't come soon enough.