Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I ponder ....

* Is it just me or is passing gas while wearing a thong weird?

* Why does Wally get so annoyed when I keep saying 'We need to get a compost?' (He corrects me constantly that it is a COMPOST ER - ie 'Just like a lawnmower is NOT a lawnmow and a hairdryer is NOT a hairdry ...'

* Is it possible for me to come up with enough material to actually write a book and have it be good? (I'm considering putting more efforts into my writing again. Yeah, it comes and goes).

* Why do I keep leaving my keys in the front door? It drives Wally nuts!!

* I keep losing stuff. My itunes gift card, my keys (that's when I find them in the dorr), my running jacket, my shoes, my book, my money, my mind. Why can't EVERYTHING come with one of those beeper things on them that helps you find them?

* What is the mysterious thing that has Sweet awake scratching his ass off in the middle of the night?

* Why does Sour think he has the right to have a snarling fight over the occupancy of Sweet's bed in the middle of the night, giving Wally and I both heart attacks causing us to nearly jump out of our skin?

* Why do I keep coupons for places that offer deals on combos I'd never buy in the first place?

* Why do I feel like I could barf up my bananas right now?

* Am I getting arthritis in my joints? And do you think it will stop me from running my 10 K?

* Why can't your hair get cut the same twice in a row?

* Why can't the spell check in blogger fix ot into to, if it can recognize fo as of? (It's crap, that's why).

A few other whys in a word:

Mullets, rat tails, Velveeta, tube tops, white pants over bright panties, woman who wear their boobs mostly on the outside of their bras, men who wear sweat pants, diet coke sold at fast food restaurants, expensive lingerie, hairless chihuahuas, cats, rats, fleas, people who drive crazy in parking lots (my biggest pet peeve), bloating after eating something healthy, the lack of promotion in human services, nursing homes ... to name a few.

I don't know the answers but I can ponder.