Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Accomplishments and Realizations

Well it's been a while.

I've found that writing seems to come in waves and once the wave has passed I am knocked out and ready to just float for a while.

However, I have some exciting stuff to share (well exciting to me!).

As you may remember last Saturday was my 5K fundraiser for Compasio AND my first official 5K run.

In total we had 9 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs and one baby (still in the womb).

Of those there we had 3 runners, 5 walkers, 1 biker, 2 stollers (well, 2 in one) and 2 panters (on leash), and 1 just riding the wave.

Altogether we raised $705!!! Which takes us to at least $4220 or higher (still unsure of cheques sent in) of my $10 000 goal! I'm pretty happy with that as we now just have a garage sale to go before I take a little break for a while and I'm hoping that will get us to the half way point.

I have to say on the day of the run I was super nervous. I had just completed my first 5K run on my own the previous Tuesday, but I knew this would be a bit different as there were a couple of serious hills in the route and I had never even run a hill before let alone in the longest run I'd done.

I also had only gotten 6 hrs of sleep the night before and not slept much the night before that. In addition my body had decided it would remind me of my femaleness which could not have been worse timing. (I had always avoided running during these lovely little reminders as I often feel as though my death is impending).

But, God gave me an incredible running partner who knew exactly how to encourage me and cheer me on.

As Glo and I topped our first hill very soon into the run I looked at her as if I might as well give up right then .... but she just gave me the ever 'You can do it!' expression she's always carrying.

I'm pretty sure there wasn't a second during the 5K that I didn't question myself. Not one step of it felt comfortable, enjoyable or .... good. I told myself over and over 'You can do this. YOu can do this. YOu can do this.' I even reminded myself of the facebook status that I would post when I was done, just to give me incentive.

When the 5K were finally done and we reached the invisable finish line by ourselves we hugged (as I eyed up the closest bench to sit on) and verbalized our success (well mine, Glo's a pro).

I noticed that it was only just over the 30 minute mark, far better than the last time by several minutes (Glo later told me we had done it in 31 minutes and 30 secs!!). I was very impressed considering how much work it felt like.

You know what the funny thing is about a challenge like this? I've learned that it's not completing the challenge that gives you the rush really ... it's going for the challenge, daring to believe you can do it (I know I sound like a cheese bag).

Seriously. I think I got more of a high out of deciding to do teh 5 K in the first place, out of telling people what my goal was, out of working on it over time.

Of course accomplishing it was amazing and it felt great to say I completed a goal but most of the excitement was really in the decision to go for the challenge.

Pretty cool actually. The process WAS the real show!

I've now of course decided that I want to try to run a 10 K. What would be really cool would be to do one with Glo at the end of June when she does one with her dad on a huge bridge near where she grew up (its a sort of famous bridge). We'll see.

I googled a training program for a 10 K and though it says anyone that does a 5K can do a 10 K with little issue or training I like the idea of preparing. My training program includes weight training. So of course I decided to start yesterday. I did the weight training and 'streching' (which was a yoga class at the gym with Glo) and can now barely walk, sit down or stand up without a lot of grumbling. In fact the young lady I was supporting heard my moans and groans today several times when getting in and out of the car and she asked if I was ok. Finally she said 'YOu need to go to doctor'.

I forgot how mentallyl tough training was and how physically painful the first couple weeks are. Yikes. Needless to say my pain has casued me to skip the 2 mile run that I was scheduled for today. Maybe I'll get ot my cross training tomorrow .... maybe. My focus is to get back to the weights over the next week or two.

Work has been crazy lately. Conferences last week and this, next week too. Shuffling of scheduling, training new staff and being trained and doing what I love most I think: advocating and trying to see how best to be a voice for those I support.

I find that my favourite shifts are definitely with those I feel that I getan opportunity to be a voice for. It may be in a small way like 'Is it the person I support who wants to spend their money that way or is it their staff?' or in a bigger way: making the call when I seriously wonder if some form of abuse could be happening. Ultimately I'm learning that my gut instict really needs to be heard and often acted upon.

I'm learning that when you really love an aspect of your job you don't pay a whole lot of attention to how long you work, when or the legistics, when you are passionate and care you do what needs to be done. I have felt that lately (at my job!!) It's very reassuring to me that I may not have completely struck out when choosing to work in this field and that maybe, just maybe I do have something to offer the people I support. This excites me.

A few things I wish right now ...

* that I could soak in a nice hot bath and relax my muscles (I can't for 2 reasons: We don't have a plug for our tub right now, and honestly I have no idea how I would ever get out of the tub once in - I'm in that much pain!)

* that my passion and possibly giftings didn't require me to be the bee in people's bonnets (oh well)

* I knew the answers to a few 'gut' feelings I've been having in my personal life lately

* that my parents hadn't seen the prenatal vitamins on our dining room table and now likely assume we'll be sharing news any day when that may never be a reality.

* that I made an appointment to get a hair cut a few weeks ago

* that Glo wasn't moving far away in a couple of months

* or that my closest friend wasn't going back to her land far away tomorrow

Anyhoo, I gotta roll into bed. I mean that very literally as actually movin my limbs may kill me.

Good night.