Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's happening ...

It's been a while!

I think I've been pouring my extra time into reading. I'm nearing the end of a book my friend lent me called 'The Birth House' by Ami McKay. I've found that it really pulled me in and this past week I've hardly been able to put it down. In fact on days that I've gone to the gym early and had time before my work shift (after showering and getting ready at the gym), I've taken my book to a park and read for 1/2 and hour. I feel spoiled that my life is that carefree. It won't be forever though.

Hmmmmm what's been on the go this week?

Today I was finally supposed to have the garage sale for Compasio but it was supposed to thunderstorm (90%). Now I'm sitting at the window looking at dry pavement and a threatening sky. This is the second cancellation I've done in 2 weeks. Clearly I'm not a die hard garage sale buff. Oh well, we'll get it done.

In other fund raising news. We are now at $4415,00 raised plus a jar full of money. I'm going to say $4500. I was hoping the garage sale would push us to the half way point and I'm confident it will when it finally happens. I am kind of in awe that we've raised nearly $5000. That's a lot of money in Thailand and for a charity (at least I think). I won't lie. I'm very proud of the vision I've had and the work so many have put into it supporting me. It's really cool. Way cooler than if we'd just raised to pay our way there. I am so glad that we chose to fund it ourselves - it felt and feels so right.

10 K stuff: Well I've done well to stick fairly closely to the training plan only switching up rest days. I'm choosing to go in an hour and do my long run of the week a day early and praying it goes well. Other than that I have actually enjoyed the training and not felt overwhelmed. Of course I could be speaking too soon!

I have learned that what I've been preaching about food being the made cornerstone with weight loss results to be true. I haven't' weighted myself as I know that's not truly the measuring point for me (which is eat clean = I've done good, no matter what the number is), and my clothes. I have not been doing great in those regards but am trying very hard to allow myself room to learn and grow.

I read somewhere this week about a fitness model who preps for things and has said that when she got into the best shape of her life she was never able to use the same method again and expect the same results. A light bulb went on in my head and I really became aware of how it's really about learning along the way not just about the end result. So I'm trying ot learn.

Work is going alright. I'm happy to say that I'm getting used to having weekends off. In fact I love the stable schedule and the relief it's bringing to my work and our life. I am really noticing, after the year and a half I've been at my work, the bonds I beginning to be able to make with te people I support regularly and how much better I know them than I ever did before.

I understand that when you train with someone there's no way to know someone for reall after 2 or 3 training shifts but I'm just astounded at the fact that it's taken over a year to feel truly comfortable and knowing in the decisions I help people make. I sometimes see other staff with 'my' people (notice the quotes) and I want to explain to them a few things (of course I know EVERYTHING *sarcasm intended*). I want to say 'she's having a tantrum for attention, please ignore her pretending to be sick on the floor'. But one has to be careful how much they parade around their seemingly bossy side.

I will be honest unlike some staff I have few people I feel as though I know well enough to say 'Do this! Do that!'. I don't like how many DSWs have no issue with walking into some one's life and abusing their power and begin ordering people around like nothing. I struggle with waiting too long to do this, but I'm completely ok with that. I'd rather take time to know the person and their needs before assuming one of them is me ordering them around (and yes, that is a need for a few people).

In other, other news ... tomorrow I'm going off facebook for a long time (so at least a couple of months, which is my definition of long). I am dreading and looking forward to this all at the same time. I may be blogging a lot more!

I am also continuing to look for a running partner to complete my 10 K goal with. I really want to take the opportunity to do a real run but I know myself and that I'll only do something like that with the prompting of another. I'm going to continue to look for someone.

Something else: Wally and I are actually going to church tomorrow. Something we've never actually done here in our city since we moved. Should be interesting. I'm trying to keep accountable to A-bag for this. Our home church is dissolving for the summer so we thought we'd give this church thing a try. We'll see!

I just finished knitting my first pair of socks this week. Only to find out they're too small for me. I guess there's something called a gauge you're supposed to do something about. Oh well, my mother in law will get them for her birthday!

I am still waiting a bit longer to share our little project news. Soon I think, soon!

I better get going. I look forward to writing more soon (or maybe having something to write about).

Til next time! Cheers!