Monday, February 7, 2011

Non sense

Somedays I blog.

I blog and blog.

Only problem is: it's all in my head.

I blogged a great post today, actually two.

One random one about showering and the other about the writing seminar I attended on the weekend.

They were good posts.

In fact so good someone read them and got in touch with me asking if I'd write in their newspaper. Every week!

They even promised to glue glitter around my name, on the paper.

'Wow!' I thought 'That'd be amazing! Of course I'll do it!'

(I mean between you and me who gets glitter around their name on the newspaper? Yeah, that's right, no one).

Don't worry I'm going to keep blogging even with my imaginary newspaper glitterdom. I mean I don't want to abandon my humble beginnings and all.

Hope to return soon.