Sunday, August 7, 2011

Side note

I just clicked on 'Next Blog' and found a blog entirely about prostates.

Who knew?!

A blog all about a gland.

There's gotta be hope for me and my new site.

Remember, if you have any thoughts or ideas send them in, anything at all!!

I'm brainstorming as we speak (or type, or read, you know what I mean!).

Things I ask myself

Why does my stomach creak like an old hardwood floor?

Why don't I pursue writing (even if it's just for myself)?

Why do I not spend more time with people I like?

Why don't I go out of my way to help people more?

Why do I feel sick to my stomach after drinking water early in the morning?

Why do I thrive off of a list of challenges?

How did I get so fortunate to find Wally?

Why has Sour been chewing his butt so much lately?

What should my next post be about?

Will I be a a good trainer?

Will I ever actually be a trainer?

How old will I be when I die?

Will I ever develop a debilitating disease?

Will I ever write a book?

Will I ever get paid to write?

Will my writing ever change a life?

Will my kids be respectful people?

Will they be ok?

Where will we live next?

When will Wally wake up this morning?

Aside from Wally who will be the next person to tell me that love me?

Who will the next person be that I will say 'I love you' to?

That was just the last 2 minutes.