Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few things ...

I have to say, I'm doing much better than my last post :).

I made it through my week, though missing a couple of main stay friends. I'm noticing that sometimes it's really good to lose what you're used to for a little while (note the little while part) because it really does make you apppreaciate what you have.

I'm not sure if it's due to the beautiful weather but for the most part I've had the best week I can remember having for a long time.

Work went really well, I started a new cleaning job (I know I'm crazy) and I actually enjoyed it a lot. It was time to think on my own, make extra money, and listen to a couple podcosts that made me think a little more. I didn't even notice the extra long work day.

A few things have popped up this week that have given me lots to think on.

Wally and I have pondered quite a bit about the idea of beginning a church relationship again. We decided a while back that this was a very important part of our lives that is missing and we need it. I think we are finally ready to go find it again.

I did some searching on the internet and e-mailing and then shared a phone call. There's potential that we may go back to my old home church. It just really sucks that the group we could attend breaks for the summer and the one that meets throughout the summer is on a night that I work everyweek. We'll have to figure it out and make a point to make some connections at least of some relationships that maybe we can nurture in the mean time.

There's another big thing that we've stepped into this week, sort of 'out of no where' but really not. I would love to talk about it more but I think I have to wait a little bit longer.

Aaaaaaand, I've decided to go ahead and do my personal training certification for sure (I can't believe I'm saying that!).

I will admit I fell like much of a fraud considering I've gained a few pounds, taken a break from it and have not been strict with my clean eating as of late. But, I realized the other day that whether or not I'm 'perfect' in those things it's still a dream I want to fulfill (and who knows, maybe having a goal like that will inspire me to be more committed to a lifestyle that ultimately makes me feel really good not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well).

I'm not sure what exactly has inspired these things to come to the forefront of my mind. I know our visit with A-bag last week really reminded us about how important the spiritual part of our lives are.

I know that a recent conversation and acceptance of what God has placed on our hearts urged us with the second item.

Seeing someone I support speak out their own dreams and goals has reminded me of what mine are and that sometimes whether you feel able or not to do or be what you dream about it's up to you to be true to that dream and do your part to make it happen. I really don't want to live with regrets.

Wally sent me an article the other day that reminded me of how I came to feel so strongly about living life as fully as possible. Here's the link:

Read it, give it some thought, see what you would do differently. If anything.

Just think.