Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year's a Comin'

Well I guess it's that time when I like to reflect upon the past year and look ahead at the year to come.

Here is the end of my 2009 summary:

If I were to sum up 2009 into one word I would have to say it is: RELATIONSHIPS. That is what I feel like the year has been all about. Establishing, growing, weeding out and the evolving of relationships with new and old friends alike. It has been incredibly cool to start this blog and feel connected to people near and far. To help actually make friends through strangers - what a gift.

My hope is that 2010 holds adventure, excitement, love, growth, healing and even more building of relationship in new and different ways.

Every year I look ahead and wonder what the year to come will look like. Will it be full of change? Will I be living where I am now? Will those closest to me still be alive and well? Will I still have my health? Will I have children in the coming year? Where will I travel to, if at all? Who will I laugh with and build fun memories with? What will those memories hold? How can I make this year even better than the last? That is a question I really wonder about. I honestly feel so blessed (sorry for the cliche) at the fact that I truly feel like I am living my life that I can't possibly have a better year than I just had. But I will because I am determined to live connected and open to seeing whatever God is up to.

I find it interesting that I thought 2009 was full of RELATIONSHIPS because if I were describe 2010 it would be the same thing. I feel as though I was, for lack of a better word, blessed with so many new friendships, most of which came by surprise. Though Wally and I struggle very much to establish 'couple friends' (this is something we'd really like to change but are unsure as to how exactly, I'm sure it seems like a no brainer but it's hard when we're so different from eachother), I have been lucky to connect with several people that have encouraged me in my journey. I am so grateful.

Without further a due (sp?) here's what happened in 2010 ....

* In January both Wally and I began new full time jobs in our fields of study. There aren't words to express how exciting it was to get employment right out of school in what we wanted to do!

* January through April I worked diligently on the party of the decade with various different friends that made it so possible. From the hand made invitations, to the quotes that were cut out and sticky tacked to the walls of the auditorium, no detail was left behind. The prep for the party was easily equal to that of a wedding reception.

* In March we celebrated 9 years of marriage together by escaping to a little bed and breakfast (some of our favourite places to go) for the weekend. Time flies!

* In April we finally had our big fat party to celebrate life and those who have come and gone through ours. I made my speech of a lifetime and did my best to let people know how much their presence in our lives meant to us, whether it was long or short. I then danced the night away (even though the DJ was less than stellar).

* Also during the weekend of the party one of my closest friends surprised me by flying in from the other side of HER country just for the weekend to show me how much I meant to her. There aren't words to say how much I loved that she did this and to be honest I think I had more fun the night before the party when her and I went out for the night, I think for the first time since we were out of high school. It was an amazing gift!

* In June Wally and I celebrated a week of graduations with each of us walking across that stage to get our college diplomas, something that meant alot to us as we had really sacrificed our comfort, familiarity, our house and all we knew to do so. It was a very special time.

* Also in June I took a week off to just break from the business of my new job, and went on a three day two night retreat which really challenged and renewed my thoughts on motherhood. A good time of relaxing, thinking and renewing.

* June was a busy month as I also decided that it was never too late to celebrate a birthday and I threw my own 30th birthday party consisting of 2 dear friends that embraced my fun! The night was dedicated to #28 (the thong challenge) on my last 40 day adventure.

* Sometime I believe in July Wally was in a fender bender that resulted in his car being written off and us having to buy another. Fortunately we used our wisdom and were able to purchase one out right.

* By the end of August Wally and I have completed 6 months of personal training with Dee (our amazing trainer). We had both increased our muscle mass and lowered our body fat by .... a lot. Resulting in both of us losing between 35-40 pounds. We changed our eating quite a bit and now feel free from the fear of obesity and a life of ill health resulting from a negative lifestyle. A HUGE accomplishment for us. (Though it can be a battle).

* It was early September when I committed to raising $10 000 for Compasio, the organization Wally and I are visiting next year. With much help from friends I believe we will do it!

* October held much excitement as we decided to start house shopping (which was supposed to be for fun) and in turn we ended up car shopping as we were hit by another car while actually out looking at houses with our agent. This time it was my car (that we'd just bought in March) but we made it through and got another one that was exactly the same only a yr older.

* The same weekend we bought my replacement car we purchased our house! An expensive 24 hrs for sure!!!

* In December we moved into our house and out of the retirement village just in time for Christmas (exactly 2 weeks before!).

All in all it has been an eventful year for sure. Not all events were welcomed but all were teachers. This would likely be a great time to talk about what I'd love to see in 2011 but I think there's enough for a whole other post on that so I'll share that separately.

If you think your life is boring try writing it out like this, it'll show you really what's been going on, things you can be proud of or maybe things you should work on. I hope you found 2010 to be a good teacher to help you know how better to deal with the ever changing life we share!