Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 1 of Stupidness


They participated in my day.

So did the songs: 'She's a Brick House', 'I'm a Survivor', and a handful of others.

It's night time. I am tired. My knees are aching from stupidness, an activity I partook in early today. A time at which several expletives were used that would turn your ears purple and make them fall off.

The lady in the exercise video game thingy is rude. She has way too much to say, all at the wrong time. If I wanted to hold the pose, I'd hold it. She needn't add her 2 cents. Witch.

After the exercise 'game' I did 15 minutes of boxing to fun music. Then I noticed I was boxing to the beat. Then I thought why not just dance instead. I turned it up and was the brick house - with every fiber of my being.

It felt good.

Went to work. Came home starved. Ate a bit too much lunch. Then felt to need to eat marshmallows because they don't seem entirely evil. Then I felt that Graham crackers go good with marshmallows. It didn't seem right that the chocolate was left out. I ate a few 'flavored' chocolate chips. They should be renamed edible wax.

I made it up to myself with some hot chocolate. It's just a drink right? Oh yeah, I used my chocolate covered stir spoon too. You know to stir things up a bit.

Felt overly full. Laid down to catch 40 winks, accidentally got 75 instead. When I woke up I forgot the day, time, and my purpose in life. Recovered in 5 minutes and realized I had to fulfill my purpose in 45 minutes.

I scurried, fulfilled, returned to tell the incredible story (and learned that my spelling of the word incredible is way off).

Overall a great start to my self induced torture.

Stupidness will be back. It's inevitable. It knows my name.

Good night.