Friday, May 28, 2010

A little a this, A little a that.

Some this:

I was at a nursing home the other day for work. An old couple who didn't fit into the dining room were in the common are with me and Dolly watching tv over dinner. Dr. Phil was on and he'd given a lady personal trainers, therapy and a face lift. The old lady commented on how Dr. Phil's wife looks like 'a million bucks', then followed it up with 'Well, she can look like that because she can afford all of those trainers and a little nip and tuck when she wants'.

I really wanted to slap her but stopped myself because I used to think the exact same thing (it's that judgmental issues). I now know that it doesn't matter what you have access to, you are the one that decides what you will do or not do. (I love that I have a trainer, but I had to sacrifice something else to get it - kinda like my body).

I learned today it's normal for a woman to gain 2-3 pounds of muscle during 12 weeks of training - 8 is abnormal. In this case I like being abnormal.

I am beginning to see that I CAN do this.

I bought myself a bunch of tank tops yesterday. Skimpy ones, less skimpy ones, ones you need a strapless bra for, ones that are only missing sleeves. This sweaty girl may be in love.

I no longer care about wearing low cut tops (meaning showing what's supposed to be cleavage). After my assessment I've learned that I lost 4 inches around my chest (only 3 around my hips). If you knew my body type you would understand why I can wear low cut tops now. (Hint: there's nothing to see but padding, if padding makes you happy - go right ahead).

During my workouts I am certain my death is coming soon. When they are over I never feel as though I've done enough.

I listen to music while I'm working out that completely offends me, but it has a beat to it that helps me get the job done. I'll repent ... someday.

Some that:

I'm taking baby steps in regards to my schedule (I realize I can't be fixed over night). I'm not working over 40 hrs a week in June but I am working between 35-40. It's a start, I'll get there. I will.

I feel like I'm starting to love Wally more. Some people expect that this should just be, since we're married and all. I never take having good feelings for someone for granted, especially him.

I realized this morning that I was home for over an hour and had not petted Sweet once (Sour doesn't give a rat's behind if I look at him). I saw him looking up at me with sad eyes and gave him a head rub. If it's that easy to forget about the cute beings in your life that need your love, how easy must it be to forget the ... not so cute beings that need your love.

In the past week I have realized that time for me is truly like air. I need it to live. Don't fool yourself, so do you.

When I got wrapped up into work for months I wondered to myself if I'd blogged out all of my thoughts and was all 'dried up'. In the past couple of weeks I have come to understand that without my 'time' I don't produce deeper thoughts. I just 'coast' through. Think about how many great thinkers and livers (not the organ) there are out there that don't give themselves a change to think, grow or live because they are too busy with 'life'. How incredibly sad. Make sure I get out alive!!!

I've decided that I would really like to make the invitation list for my funeral. There's absolutely no reason why there should ever be 500 people at my funeral when I can only get 3 people to come to my birthday party. (And no I'm not trying to guilt anyone, these are my thoughts and they are said with a joyful smile).

Happy Birthday to me!