Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things are looking up....

Yes they are.

Thank you for the encouraging comments and e-mails that were sent out. I am beginning to feel better.

I did finally take a sleep aid to help with that the other night and I slept 9 1/2 hours!! A miracle for this non-sleeper. Unfortunately I followed that evening with 0 hours of sleep lastnight during my overnight shift at work (and everyone was quiet as mice for 7 hours!!). I plan on getting a good night's sleep tonight and through the week, and am hoping my other 2 overnights at work this week are a bit better (they should be they are at 2 other places that are more relaxed).

As far as my neck ... I went and did a very low key workout Friday with Dee and for some reason my neck felt better - not perfect but better after. Wally and I worked out on our own for the first time (like a workout Dee would have given us!) today and my neck is feeling great. This is very good news! I hope to get a massage or two in after the party (thanks for the e-mail recommendations!!).

About the party ... I am feeling much more at peace about things as a wonderful reader and friend has offered their incredible services to help me not go completely insane - it should be fun to not only stay ahead of things but do it with someone else (especially who's going to be at the party!!).

I have received a handful of last minute RSVPs of people that ARE indeed coming. Several of whom I doubted would. One is my old best friend from high school - that one shocked me, I am very excited to see her again and be able to have the fun we haven't shared in over a decade together.

I also have to mention another e-mail I got from another old friend saying they won't be able to make it but do want to get together. This is such a blessing!!! We haven't really hung out one on one since high school either. Even then it was mostly in a group setting. I am so looking forward to seeing where the reconnecting will take us - what an incredible gift the idea of this party has already been.

I hate using the word blessed because I think it carries much more meaning than we give it when we throw it around here and there. But I cannot think of a more appropriate word for how I am feeling right now. I have incredible friends. The problem is the past 8 months of my life I have spent all of my time immersed in scholastic and work goals. It's time to ease off and re-prioritize things. Get back to living the way I believe I should. With people.

My hope is that this party will not only be a night to remember but a night of re-kindling relationships from days gone by and nurturing potential friendships as well. The point is to be able to give just a hint of life and love back to those who have meant so much in our lives.

Actually today I already starting thinking of what it will be like when it's over and I started getting sad. But then I remembered the friend I will be getting to see afterwards and perhaps some of the friendships that will be renewed because of it. That is when the real fun will begin.

For those of you who sent encouraging messages THANK YOU!!! I needed them more than you know.

I still have more to share in the 'Sorting Thoughts' area but that will have to come later. It was funny I was telling Dee the other day that I wrote a blog and that I was able to connect with people through it. I mentioned at one point how odd it can be for virtual strangers (at times) to know my inner thoughts, struggles and experiences. I mean you don't go around every day telling people that you were molested by your uncle, or you have thoughts of leaving your husband to be single again. Dee mentioned that I didn't have to share all that stuff, but I said 'That's what my blog's all about, being honest, being real'. Hopefully by doing that making sure others know they are not alone in this world buy feeling these things or going through such events. I know I feel better knowing I'm not totally evil to have feelings that another human has shared.

I hope in the coming weeks I will be able to carve out more time to regularly blog. I love the connection it gives me - I'm very selfish that way. I feel like getting out all of these ponderings I am better able to figure things out, to grow and maybe, hopefully help others grow a tiny bit too.

Well, I better get myself off to bed. I have some catching up to do.

Blessings friends and thank you. For everything.