Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top Ten

Not sure what's wrong with me posting twice in a couple of hours, maybe I want to return to my day on a lighter note. (Seriously I can't wait to go public with my blog).

I decided that each week on my new blog I would have a Top Ten List. Of whatever. I would even offer to post other people's Top Ten Lists sometimes.

I just love lists that much.

So in light of this I am going to do this weeks Top Ten List...

Top Ten Things I Wouldn't Feel Sad About If They Never Happened Again:

1. My Muslim neighbour with the biggest heart ever, stopped telling me to go to get fertility treatments or at least see a dr. so that we could have our own baby. Because, she states 'It's a bigger love that grows in your heart, it's different'.

I feel the same way, only about adoption.

2. People I barely know on a personal level stop asking me if I've gone through fertility testing and treatments.

What the Harv?! How is it possibly your business? I'm not asking for you to feel sorry for me because we may be able to have children, it really doesn't matter to us!!

3. Me just dropping my stuff on the floor when I walk in the door and leaving it for an entire week.

4. My dog eating blue peppers I leave on the floor because of number 3.

5. Wally and I getting over tired and snapping at each other.

6. My dogs scratching through the night.

7. Me feeling overwhelmed.

8. My nose turning red

9. My sink smelling mouldy

10. Cleaning out kitty litter boxes (that's right I don't even own cats but I still end up doing this!)