Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scratching the itch

Yeah, so I really have nothing exciting to share but I feel the pull to stay connected to my imaginary world out there. I don't know, sometimes random stuff scratches the itch. I do have a more thoughtful post brewing in my mind.

Today I was shadowing (training) with yet another new person. We were out grocery shopping. We went down I think every aisle int he store. Oh. My. Goodness. EVERYTHING looked tasty. The healthy cereal, the sugary cereal, the muffins, the cakes, the muffin mixes looked like a dream from crying out loud. I seriously felt like I was being tortured. It was like re-entering a whole new world of gloriousness.

I decided today that I really am not fond of slightly overripe bananas. One day makes all the difference.

Jeans that I couldn't even wear when I started working out with Dee I finally can say are almost too big for me now.

My heart is actually aching for a couple of work friends right now. I find it odd as I've not known them that long but I sense their sadness (well, I've also heard it too) and I just want to help them carry it and fix it. But I can't and that's frustrating.

I've decided I truly hate being attached to a group e-mail that gets tons of responses with me still attached to it. The other day after reminding several times for people to respond ONLY to who they were speaking to, finally I lost it and begged them to start a new thread. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

I searched out B&B's last night for the retreat I'm taking in a couple of weeks. I think I've settled on one and am very excited. Part of me can't believe I'm going away by myself for two nights and part of me totally can.

The other day a manager at work commented on my taking a week off, something to the effect of 'wow! Nobody gets to take that kind of time off now a days!' Even though I could have been totally offended I decided in that moment to be so proud of myself.

I sort of wonder why the heck I have a blog. Really. Why?

I can't believe how much 'Letting go' in terms of work has completely changed my mental status, my work ethic (in a good way) and my joy in life all around. It's amazing!!!

I really need to brush my teeth right now.

I realized tonight while training somewhere else that I totally forgot to do some very necessary paperwork yesterday and wanted to kick myself. If I was ten years younger I probably would be worried I'd 'get in trouble', now I have perspective and know that it's not the end of the world.

I love that there are a million working pens on my desk right now. (Even though I'm typing).

I've picked out the B&B I'm hopefully going to based on the fact that I could take my dogs and have now decided I'm not taking them because they have pets that I can love stress free while I'm there. I wish I could just take one of them. Oh well, I don't want the other to commit suicide while I'm away.

Sometimes I feel guilty for being happy. So soon we forget having the 'Sads'. Thank you for the encouragement that helped me get out of them. Seriously, it helped more than you'll ever know.

Wally and I have just come to the conclusion that our scale is seriously impaired. After several up and down weigh ins (by as much as 8 pounds difference in a day), we've decided we may need a new gauge.

I want to make the world smile but sometimes the world is a tough crowd.

I'm thinking of my friends out there going through stuff. I know there are many different scenarios like critical family illness, grief over big life changes and perhaps just tired sadness. I want you all to know I think of you and I'm sure there are others I don't' know of, but I do care.

If there's anything I CAN do. Drop me a line. Seriously. Do.

Burdens are easier to carry when you have help.