Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bugs and Loves

Things that annoy me …

People that complain no matter what their situation is: with a job, without a job, with a person, without a person, with a house, without a house, on and on it goes.

Dish clothes that need to be washed but you don’t realize it until your whole place stinks – yuck!

Dogs that scratch and scratch but have no flees

When quotes turn out to be ‘shots in the dark’

When my dogs misbehave in public

People that don’t close their mouth to chew

People that don’t close their mouth at all

When people ask you a question but don’t wait around to listen to the answer

When people tell me something that annoys them and I know it’s something I’ve done but they won’t just say it

When someone gets a job they have no business doing – like they could end up hurting someone

The fact that laundry never gets completely done – I don’t mind doing it, I just wish I knew it was finished for a day.

Pants that felt good on in the store and feel two sizes too small at home

I feel as though I must counter balance my negative list with some positive. Here are a few things I love…


Getting real hand written notes

Perfect fitting jeans

Skinny days

Making people smile

Reading a good book

Learning things I never knew before

Hearing a great laugh

Getting unexpected money

Giving out of love

Thoughtful gifts


Hearing ‘I love you’ from someone who means it

Having someone share what they love about you

Meeting great people because of this blog

Reading the comments left on the blog

Sharing my thoughts – even if they aren’t all that grand