Friday, March 18, 2011

On our way!

Well soon, soon!!!

I really shouldn't be blogging when our plan is to leave the house in 3 hrs and we still have a list to finish. Buuuuuuuut .... you know.

Things I've done this morning...

* After telling Wally I finally have a good 7 hrs of sleep he replied 'Yeah, I know. Your nose sounded like a socket wrench all night long.' He then jumped out of bed, found a socket wrench and demonstrated how annoying I sounded.

* Even though we really had no extra time today we decided to have clean pancakes. at breakfast as I went to have a drink of water Wally raised his water glass and we toasted to our trip!

* I have taken disgusting medicine for my engine nose and now congested chest. I'm not sure whether I'm glad my ears are plugged or not.

* My parents came and picked up our doglets. Wally was sad he didn't get a chance to pet them good bye.

* I did a mountain of dishes. Folded laundry. Collected garbage and recycling. Cleaned out the fridge. And sorted coins for deposit to Compasio

* I played 'Don't you dare eat your poo' with Sweet, who seemed to LOVE me yelling at him and standing in front of his 'treat'.

* Wrote out instructions for dog sitters

What we still need to do....

* finish packing

* change my purse

* make the final donation deposit at the bank then do it online.

* Get traveler's cheques

* shower and get rid of the VERY entertaining nest on my head

* print out all of our hotel info. and a couple of informative e-mails

* e-mail dog sitters

* pray my cold goes away.

And ... likely another dozen things. Soooooo, I'd better get going!

To anyone that has made a donation towards my goal of $10 000 for Compasio, THANK YOU!!! We are nearly a third of the way there (including cheques that don't come up on my link)!!!

I will enjoy for you seeing where it is actually going and the people that are benefiting from it. God Bless you for giving of yourself!

Well, this is it for a while. Pray, pray, pray for safety, healing, fun and positive outcomes!


Eva :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A roller coaster ride.

I'm going to warn you in advance that the following MAY or MAY NOT sound like a bitchfest. Feel free to quit reading now if you'd like.

Though I must keep in perspective all things that are happening in the world like tsunamis, hunger, disease, displacement, and a myriad of other horrible things that I'm not experiencing, at the same time I will selfishly go on to vent about my ultimately NOT big problems (in the grand scheme of the world) but what have accumulated to being a snowball of strife in my life this week.

The best way I can describe it in one word is: roller coaster.

Basically about 4 or 5 small to medium stressors have joined their forces to try and push me over the edge. Essentially, they have been successfull.

I struggle often with knowing what to share, with knowing how much I want people whom I know but don't necessarily know are reading, to know. At 3:30am I don't care, so here she goes...

The 'Bank Fiasco' ensued. A continued cat and mouse game of back and forth calls, getting 'You're taxes are late!!' notices (after dealing with it already once a month ago - AND being promised all would be fine). Combined with improper mortgage payments. Combined with what I will further elaborate on...

The 'Nasal Conundrum'. I woke up Tuesday morning with a steam engine coming out of my left nostril (as mentioned before), paired with a constant drip out of the same fore mentioned nostril, causing me to have to blow my nose 45 000 times a day. Now my ears are plugged, my throat has gone from sore to scratchy and I seem to be choking on everything. I don't know what that's about.

The 'Sleep Deprivation From Hell' Episodes (the 'it's not from having a newborn' variety). I think it's been 6 of the last 7 days of disturbed sleep for reasons mentioned above and ones still to come. I believe this one is the root of most evil that binds the rest of the problems together and turns me into the scariest human on earth. Or at least one with questionable sanity.

The 'The Trip's Off!!' saga. Due to vast differences in beliefs in what is safe Wally and I have had numerous disputes resulting in psychotic episodes of crazy cry-yelling (on my part) and moments of absolute despair on both of our parts, each wondering 'WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!'. I think 3 different issues have arisen where the trip (yes even AFTER purchasing the tickets) has almost been vetoed.

The 'Oh My Goodness We're Pregnant!!!' drama. Something that has contributed to each of the other series in some manner, making them more dramatic and intense than they normally would have been. Only to find out that we are NOT pregnant. There are many mixed emotions surrounding this. Ultimately we see how it is the best thing by far right now (especially with the trip), and it was not 'in the plan' (but really, what great things are ever 'in the plan'). Needless to say this was the bumpiest part of the ride.

The 'Just-in-case-I-won't-take-drugs-for-anything' Dilemma. I think this is self explanatory.

And finally, the 'Traveling Across the World!' situation. Foreign experience, foreign language, foreign money, foreign everything which then equals two edgy people. Although I will admit I seem far more relaxed than I probably should be. (Wally asks me at least a couple times a day: 'Aren't you scared?' to which I say 'If I stop and really think about it yes. So I don't stop and really think about it. We'll be fine.') He shouldn't be worried, he's thought of everything from registering us with the government for traveling, to money belts (thank God he gave up on the fanny pack!), to printing out and handing me a 'what to do if you get incarcerated' form. I believe the last thing was just for me.

Each of these things on their own would likely be manageable and not that big of a deal (except the sleep, it always turns things bad), but together they have been a mini nightmare.

I said to Wally last night 'I've never had to fight so hard for something before'. It seems the more you want something the harder it is to get.

I always think of couples involved in hard core fertility treatments and wonder 'Wow, I could never do that. I just don't want my own biological baby bad enough. Why put yourself through it? Just give up and adopt one.' But, the same could be said for me 'Why do you have to have to go across the world to learn from the needy? (As I say that I MUST add that I use that term in reference to how the world as a whole looks at financially poor people not necessarily how I view their value). Why not learn from the ones in your own city?

I don't know. I just feel like stepping out of the culture hits you differently. I want to be hit differently. In a way maybe I couldn't learn on my own here and now, but maybe could better on and after the trip. (Who knows, I'm just guessing).

I honestly didn't really realize how deeply the desire was for this trip until after I thought I was pregnant and realized risks that would be associated IF I acquired some disease like Malaria. I didn't care. Not one bit. I still wanted to go with faith that I'd be just fine. Not caring that I could have a baby physically less able (although this is a risk anytime, anywhere) if I went and did catch something. (Not that it would mean the end of the world but why do something that you know affects more than yourself and puts someone at risk when they don't need to be).

I didn't care. I could only see my dream. My goal. Of experiencing something that will hopefully change my life, throughout the rest of my life.

I know it's good to have faith, it's also good to have sense. I'm not sure which would have won.

Luckily, in my opinion I don't have to worry about this issue now and I can go freely and hopefully with joy.

I'm a little sad that this week has been so negative and full of ups and downs. Wally said to me last night that maybe it was so that by the time we got on the plane I'd love every minute of the very long flights because it was away from those things that stressed me out and it would finally give me a chance to be excited. 2 days traveling is a long time to have just be excited.

My prayer is that my nose engine dies and that tomorrow night and the night after I sleep like a baby and wake up rejuvenated and ready to make the trip.

It's funny, at this point I don't even know what to expect from it. I don't even really know why we're going. I'm not sure we'll be of much use. People assume we are going to serve and of course we really hope that we can at any capacity. However, to be honest, I'm going for me. Just me.

I'm going to be changed (I hope). I'm going to learn. I'm going to experience. I'm going to see. I'm going to hopefully be jolted into reality and reminded of what life is all about. I'm going to get more than give. I have no doubt the people there have far more to offer me than the other way around. I have no assumptions of the contrary.

I ask you again to pray (or whatever you do). For healing of my body and of my soul. For perspective and joy. For Wally and I to remember again why we chose each other 10 years ago next week. For renewed love for the One that gave me this dream.

I'm one work day away.

Let it be filled with wonder just as a reminder that the trip is extra not essential to my learning.

You know, so I come back.

At least for a while.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Razor blades and drool

Well, we only have 4 more sleeps until out flight and only 3 more until we leave to begin our trip!

I have not slept well at all three out of four of the past nights. And as I suspected yesterday I have a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and crazy emotions due to sleep deprivation.

Once I finally drifted off around 3ish I went in and out of sleep at different points noticing the constant changing state of affairs going on in my head.

I tried laying on my stomach only to drool on my pillow and wake myself up. I'd flip over and begin breathing out of my mouth only to nearly choke on the dryness of it.

Early on I was relieved that I could at least breathe, until later when I tried to stop mouth breathing and felt suffocated by whatever was blocking my nasal passage. Not to mention the razor blades in my throat.

After talking (whining) to Wally early on I almost burst into tears at the thought of working the next three days feeling so yucky (clearly I feel like I'm psychic to think I will feel terrible for the rest of the week). How in the world was I going to do a bajillion hour trip with such a long first flight. The thought overwhelmed me.

However, at some point after breakfast, after Wally left for the day I decided to just swallow my feelings and decide to be as positive as I could possibly muster. Being depressed doesn't help anyone.

So here I sit in the sun light, in my favourite chair preparing to go out to pick up a couple things, get the last load of laundry done for our trip and make a couple of phone calls. I have a couple of hours to get stuff done and maybe squeeze in 'relax' time before my nine hour day (that I'm praying goes off without a hitch).

If you are a prayer, please do. Regarding both my health, Wally's too and for a safe and easy travels.

There is a whole other prayer request for when we finally get there. That we might have our eyes opened and hearts changed in great ways.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gettin' Ready

Well a week from now Wally and I will likely be over an ocean somewhere just about in Thailand.

We can hardly believe it.

Yesterday was the day to get things done including booking our park, SLEEP, and fly hotel room for Friday, looking into yet STILL not committed to our 3 night stay in Bangkok on our way back, picking up Wally some sandals since we thought he had thrown his old ones out last year (then we found out they were still in the closet!!). We went to Home Depot to get some house stuff for my dad to install, returned some pants that I should've never thought I could wear, getting some money exchanged into Thai currency and a stop for frozen yogurt.

We learned in our travels ...

* travel agencies are useless
* don't expect your bank to exchange money for you even if their website tell you they can
* don't trust scanners at the shoe store
* buying your favourite snacks for travel is best done within minutes before locking your luggage up
* planning is exhausting
* we are more ready than we've ever been to go on this trip even though we honestly have no idea what we are doing or what to expect

While with friends today at lunch we were speaking of the trip and I commented how I couldn't have ever imagined ten years ago when we were married that we'd be spending our diamond anniversary doing this trip.

It's a dream come true in so many ways.

It's really only been in the past few months that I can imagine us actually being able to do this. I finally feel fairly confident that we will not only survive this trip still married at the end but we may actually BOTH enjoy it and be brought closer together. I can hope anyways.

This morning I did lots of packing and planning. We initially thought that maybe we wouldn't need our two large suitcases but once we actually put our clothes into them we realized indeed they were both needed. I'm just glad I'm not as high maintainance (sp?) as many other women.

Right now I am exhausted (I've been complaining about that a lot lately) and now finally feeling allowed to be more excited than worried. I trust that the end of our trip will fall into place.

I won't likely be blogging while away as we're not taking our laptop and I like privacy when writing. Instead I'll be journaling lots and will post when we arrive home. Maybe, just maybe I'll share some pictures.

For not I have to go. Pray for us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm sitting here in my favourite chair after work. I'm done for the weekend.

I should be tidying up and making something for dinner. We have a money man friend coming to help us figure out some stuff tonight.

Some observances...

I'm so exhausted (an observation not a complaint).

I feel nauseous.

*interrupted by phone*


Wally just called to tell me our income tax is done!!!! AAAANNNNNNDDDDD ....

We will have enough to pay for our trip AND purchase a few extras for our home!!!!

Now I don't care about the other stuff!!


I feel so much better. Much because I was just having faith that the money would come to pay our way but I had no guarantees and if it hadn't have worked out yet another 'discussion' would ensue.

Oh my goodness I feel so much better.

I think I need to go and enjoy this feeling while accomplishing something.


P.S. I was going to share that we found a dogsitter for the second half o four time away AND .... hmmmmm there was something else good that happened. Oh yeah! we figured out why our bank account was in the negatives. We only keep the amount we need in it and put what is extra into our savings account. So when the bank made the mistake the past couple of months of taking out only 1 mortgage payment rather than every other week it left us in not such a fabulous place. Now I need to visit the bank to straighten this out.

I shall remain excited for the good!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My favourite ugly chair

Ok so my last post seemed kind of like a downer so I thought I'd throw in a more positive one to balance it out.

I have this chair.

I got it when my grandmother passed away (the one I've written about in the past that my family and myself cared for until she died).

It is a large, deep, brown tweed sitting chair that just sits.

I'm guessing it was bought in the sixties and was part of a set. (I had the couch but when we moved to the apartment we had to get rid of it). I kept the chair because it is just so comfortable.

In our new house, after first moving in, it sat near the fireplace at the far end of the room away from the window.

We have our living room painted a rather dark colour so without the light from the window some areas aren't conducive to great reading. I love the chair for reading.

Well last week the matching love seat that goes with our couch got dropped off. I was really excited because I hate it when things are left 'in the air'. I worry that the company is going to rip us off, that when it comes it'll be damaged, or that the colours won't match (wow I sound like such a priss, I probly am).

Any woo I was glad when the waiting was over and for the first time ever we would have new matching furniture to sit on.

My favourite chair (by the way, NOT it's appearance) was moved to a spot right in front of the window.

Let me tell you, I had no idea how much my perspective on the room, the chair and my life could change JUST by moving my favourite chair.

Since the big move I have enjoyed, what seems to be a new oasis just for me.

Monday, as the sun came up, I enjoyed reading with a cup of tea. I noticed the beautiful light, the fact that I felt warm (physically and emotionally) and just hugged my everything.

I have since began to use this space (with the help of Wally's old laptop) as my blogging spot, e-mail area, and information absorbing centre.

When I want to get away from the media I just flip down the laptop lid and put it out of sight. It's amazing!!

It helps that Wally and I have never been ones to like having our tv and stuff in our main living room. Even in our former little home that did not have an unfinished basement we used one of our spares as a little tv room.

We have been fortunate to have the extra spaces, though even when we didn't we had specifically bought a GIANT tv armoire to hide our media when company was over.

I could totally write an essay on perspective changing, how simple it can be, how freeing and life changing as well, in regards to moving my favourite, rather unattractive, chair around. But I'm not in the mood.

I just wanted to share my excitement over a little thing that is making a big difference.

I love my tweed, brown, ugly-to-the-eye chair.

It hugs me every time I sit in it.

For some reason I don't mind it's hugs :)


Oh wow. I can't even describe in words how many balls I feel are in the air right now.

Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe it's all of my own doing but they are there and seem very ready to crash down on me (hopefully their nerf balls).

Unfortunately none of the pieces seem to be from the same puzzle!

Last night Wally had found some links on government statuses regarding safety traveling abroad. Where we're going has the highest level of caution and the government asks travelers not to go there unessentially. Of course this sparked one of many great debates over this trip.

We went to bed disappointed in eachother and neither of us slept all that well.

Lucky for me I had amazing contacts where we are going that both replied immediately to my questions of concern and completely eased my fears (hopefully Wally's too).

I have to be honest, being so opposite is a challenge most of the time. Thankfully as much of the time we seem to work through it (not without a few things being strewn about on my part - it helps to throw things I tell you!).

Wally just texted me about the fact that we need to buy fanny packs to keep our precious documents while we're traveling. Apparently this is now a condition on us going.

I simply replied no and when he asked where I'd put my stuff I said 'In my bra, there's tonnes of room in there'.

Of course I am glad that Wally is so detail oriented. It will probably keep me out of jail while we're there (I'm not even kidding).

Other fun (being sarcastic) aspects of our trip I've been challenged by are comments from the workplace peanut gallery. Well, only one peanut I guess.

I had someone I work with ask me yesterday how my trip had been. I told her I hadn't gone yet. She asked how long I'd be away. I said '12 days'.

She retorted 'Is that long enough to save the world?' *snort*

If it wasn't for the fact that she's several months pregnant I'd had probably tried to push her over the 2 story balcony we were on (oh, and because she could likely crush me with her big toe).

I had to let the stuff some people say go because she is also someone who said in the same conversation 'I have this friend who thinks she needs 2 days off in a row every week. Psst.' Then stared me down. Clearly she knows I'm one of those people. Clearly I didn't care because I confirmed her suspicions by saying 'I'm one of those!' She then went on to complain about her work schedule.

Other trip fun ...

I am yet to find a dog sitter for the final week we are away. By dogs aren't bad but there are two of them and outside of their natural environment (except for 'Grandma's') their behaviour is questionable. Sour gets stressed out. Which I don't really care too much about except that it alters his 'functions' if you get my drift.

After going through my summer wardrobe I realized I'm a hussy. Ok not really. I just noticed that my required modest attire would need to be acquired. My t-shirts are likely too snug and I don't seem to have many of them. I'm wondering if I gave away half my summer wardrobe in the fall. I tend to get into a rip and begin giving the needy most of what I own just because I like getting rid of stuff. (And no, it's not because I like buying new clothes, in fact I hate clothes shopping).

Something else to hash out is how we're getting to the airport. Is it cheaper to stay the night before in a hotel that gives free parking while you're away and gives you a ride to the airport? Should we take a travel van there and back? Do we just drive ourselves and pay big bucks to leave our car? We don't know of anyone that would drive us. Well, we havent' asked but to be honest don't know anyone that seems like they'd want to make that commitment.

There's also the planning of our 2 1/2 days in Bangkok. What to do? Where to stay? How much?

Wally and I are hoping that we'll figure out all of our trip stuff this weekend as we're going NEXT weekend (WOW!!).

My head is swirling and that's only the trip stuff.

Other things on my mind:

* my parents are staying for 2 nights at our place while we're gone and my dad is doing some fix ups - we need to decide on some of the materials and pick them up before we go.

* Wally just looked at our bank account and noticed we're in the negatives. (This doesn't include our little savings account but still...). I have no idea what happened and am glad we both get paid soon. We need to make a budget on paper because it's disappearing and I have no idea where (we're not overly extravagant spenders - meaning we PLAN our spending). We'll figure it out, I'm generally a genius with penny pinching (yes I'm ok with being cocky about that).

* Our computer desk looks like our filing cabinet threw up.

*It's income tax time. This is actually how we're paying for our trip. We're praying and expecting a return that should not only cover the trip but also to make some essential home purchases for the spring (lawnmower, BBQ - yes the BBQ is essential). I hate gathering the paper work and pray that our taxes are done before we go away.

* Recently I finished my 'Clean Eating Classes' that were supposed to raise fund for Compasio. 3 of the people that came EVERY WEEK have seemed not to get the paying part of the class. They are great and I explained things several times (in terms of money) but so far nothing :(

* I think my sitemeter's broken and the cheques being sent aren't being applied to the meter. This makes me sad even though it's not a huge deal or shouldn't be. It keeping be aspiring. I need to relax.

So I just spent a whole lot of time complaining. I could go on, because I'm gifted that way. I won't win awards for being positive or overly generous today, but I don't really care right now. I just want to make it through my week and take some time to breath.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bachelorette

I'm a Bachelor for a couple of days.

Well, only for tonight and the rest of tomorrow. Wally was told on Monday that he would be sent out of province for today and tomorrow. He got up at 4am to drive a couple of hours to the airport to catch his flight, while I stayed in bed (until 15 minutes after he'd left, then i couldn't stand it anymore and I got up).

I discovered that I would be a very good typical bachelor.

I ordered in tonight. I came home to a huge pile of dishes. Half dirty, half clean. I've continues to leave clothes strewn about (at one point I had to shimmy into a corner of our rec room in the basement in order to change into my pjs I'd abandoned there this morning. I didn't really want our neighbours to watch.

I forgot to feed the dogs tonight. Neglected walking them, yet I have let them play in the yard.

I turned up the furnace to 19 degrees Celsius AND have the fireplace on full blast.

I have kept all of Wally's rules about leaving a certain number of lights on and keeping the doors locked tight.

In classic girl fashion I bought some pre made cookie dough to consume in moderation before actually baking some. It's 9:45 pm and they just got out of the oven. that's the kind of bachelor (ette) I would be.

I'm pretty sure I'm currently harvesting a tapeworm. Hope he's warm.

I never lived on my own before Wally and I got hitched so I'm choosing to look at this as fun. The only other time I've really had without Wally around was the first year we were married and he went to a 10 day leadership thingy in Illinois. I wasn't able to enjoy that to it's fullest potential at that point.

Don't get me wrong. I miss him. But sometimes, when you know the missing will result in enjoying later on, it's ok.

When no one took the bate right away on my facebook invite for dinner and a chat I ordered my food and settled in with the DVD copy of 'Eat, Pray, Love' I had asked for for Christmas.

I have to admit, the old truth of 'the book is better than the movie' is certainly true with this one as well however there is something about the movie that hits me differently everytime I see it.

I dont' particularly love the movie. There are parts of it I find ... kind of dirty (not in a sexual way) and gooey (not in a mushy way). I don't know. It's just weird.

BUT in saying all this I have to say again, there's something about it.

It could be that it takes me back to when I was reading the book. The fact that I read it during my 'retreat' back in June (you could check out what I learned if you go back to mid June posts - I'm not capable yet of putting in a link).

Though I loved the book and didn't want it to end, it didn't have any particular connection, per say to what I learned on my retreat. About my realizing I am called to be a mom. (Doesn't sound all that remarkable but discovering it was for me).

What I find a little interesting is that when I saw the movie in the theatre something at the end DID hit me surrounding what I learned on my retreat.

It was the part when Liz is with Ketut and he is telling her something to the affect of 'Losing balance is part of ...' oh shoot! I can't remember exactly and I can't find my book!

Well, it was something about loosing the balance she was wanting to cling to, being love and life. (I really messed that up but I think that was sort of the gist).

It struck me right then in the theatre about my fears of becoming a mother and how so many of them were rooted in the fact that I wouldn't be able to be me, to pursue new things, to go places, meet people and just be creative.

In saying that now I realize that's exactly what motherhood is but I don't want to settle for 'average'. I want the best 'us' we can be.

Anyhoo, I realized that I was trying to hold onto a 'balance' or something without realizing that by letting go I would gain so much more in life and love. It was my little ... wake up moment.

Tonight however, things were a bit different.

I watched the movie and resonated with something else. Something much earlier in the movie.

After the movie came out I remember hearing many people (who hadn't read the book) say how selfish they perceived the author to be. It's hard for me to be objective as I read the book and had a different point of view.

Seeing as I really identified with Elizabeth Gilbert in her heartache over her marriage, her desire to explore, her hope to find perfect balance, I was completely offended.

She was me. I was her. Like many women my life has felt out of control, turned out far from what I had planned and the disappointment of it had landed heavily in the middle of my heart.

I felt what she was feeling, whether selfish or not, I knew, to some degree her distress.

Back to tonight's viewing.

As I watched through most of the first half of the movie I was moved in a different way. This time I remembered the sadness and despair I felt in the past but no longer identified with it as a present emotion. This time I was looking back, rather than in a mirror.

How could that much change in a few months? I don't know. I may be making it out to sound worse than it was last summer when I saw the movie for the first time. I just remember feeling it to some degree.

This time I noticed it but felt the gratitude for the diversities in our husbands, or maybe even in ourselves. I was thankful that though I'd spent many a nights lying in bed frustrated and scared that the marriage I had was all there was and worried that I would not experience fuller love and a deeper respect than I did at that time. I was so sad at how life had changed us both.

I've mentioned this a couple of times in the last few days and dont' mean to sound like a broken record but it needs to be said: people can grow, they can change, maturity and love can come out of the least likeliest of places.

Back when I was a young girl my dream guy was someone who was self confident, capable, smart, strong, sensitive, respectful, caring, a man of integrity who longed to provide and enjoy a family.

For many years I did not have that in it's fullest state. To be honest I don't think I was mature or ready enough to receive that out of a man.

Over the past few weeks, out of what seems to be nowhere, I have noticed my dream man enter my life. I feel as though so much of it is connected to our Thailand trip to come but at this point I'm not sure how.

it's kind of funny how you often plan and intend for something to give you one thing and you end up getting something entirely different instead.

I'm a little anxious to see how this trip will change both Wally and myself. As well as Wally and Eva together.

I don't think I'm entirely prepared.

But then again, I don't think I'm supposed to be.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buying plane tickets and other adventures ...

So I alluded to this in my last post and now I will tell you for sure....

Wally and I have booked our tickets to Thailand!!!!

We are so excited - both of us.

I'm not sure how it happened or even why on that particular day (Sunday past) but after some discussion on the possibility of taking a couple of days to just roam around Bangkok before heading home we both felt at peace with the decision to go ahead and purchase our tickets.

It was actually kind of an eventful day Sunday.

We spent the early part of it painting our 'someday' child's room. Of course in great Wally and Eva fashion we ran out of paint. We always run out of paint. I guess it's our thing. Don't ever look too close in our closets.

Between coats I cut Wally's hair. When we finished I sat to do some knitting (I'm a very early beginner), when I realized there was a scandal beneath the surface of the neatly wound yarn that I was seeing. As I pulled for more, resistance met me and thus began several hours of detangling.

I honestly never thought I'd get it done but by 8:30pm I did and I was excited!

I'm not sure what solving a yarn dilemma has to do with the need to purchase plane tickets but in doing so I decided to reward myself by looking into our trip.

After a couple of e-mails exchanged with Glo on where to get the best deals I had found one and got the go ahead from her to buy.

In my excitement over finding a deal I had abandoned 2 squares of my 70% dark chocolate on the couch (Can I just emphasize how uncharacteristic this was of me - apparently resolving yarn conflict can be that life altering!).

I hadn't thought twice about leaving the chocolate or the fact that our dogs were all about because, first of all, I would never normally leave chocolate, and second of all they never ever care about eating people food really.

Well, it appeared that evening I should've thought twice.

After sharing with Wally that I'd found our tickets, who was distracted watching Anne Hathaway do a song and dance number, he asked me 'Did you eat your chocolate?'

I answered 'No, did you?'

'No' he said.

It was then we both looked down at our youngest fur child and saw him smacking his lips in shear delight.

We quickly shook out the old comforter he was standing on to see if by chance he had only licked the lonely snack left behind. No dice.

Sour had indeed ingested 20 grams of dark chocolate.

I went about my business with the tickets 'So are we ready to buy?'

While Wally dashed to the computer to google 'What to do when your dog eats chocolate' (how did we solve life's problems before google?).

Knowing that the tickets would have to wait until Wally's over reaction was done I resumed with my knitting as if nothing had happened, trying to be patient until I could click 'confirm' on our ticket order.

Wally began spouting off information left and right. Smoke began to billow out of his ears. More so when I said I wasn't going to take Sour into the emergency vet for a couple of hundred dollars when I was perfectly capable of sticking my finger down his throat to induce vomiting.

Wally kept searching. I kept knitting.

'Are you freakin' crazy? He could die!'

'Oh he'll be fine stop over reacting. If it would make you feel better I'll call the vet and ask, I'm sure it's just an old wives' tale'.

Wally threw the phone to me (actually I think it was at me but perhaps he had reason).

I called the vet and sure enough the amount of dark chocolate Sour had consumed was toxic enough to possibly induce seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and even maybe death.

'Ok so you were right, let's go' I declared with an ever so tiny white flag hidden in my voice - very tiny.

All four of us (we couldn't leave Sweet behind), piled into our car at 9:40pm and headed off to emerge with Sour still enjoying the taste of chocolate on his furry little lips.

By 10:30pm we were home none worse for the wear (well depending who you asked, or who's wallet you asked), Sour sporting an ever so blackened beard from the charcoal they put into him.

'So, can we buy the tickets?' I asked.

There was humming and hawing but there must have been some sort of 'ok' nod because before I knew it 'confirm' had be clicked and we were in the midst of deciding on insurance or not.

It was well past our 9:30 pm usual bedtime (yes we're 80 yr olds) when we finally crawled into bed.

Actually strike that, I think I Tigger hopped into bed asking 'how can anyone expect me to sleep at a time like this?! I'm so excited!'

Wally dug his head into a pillow, held my hand down and said what he usually does when I'm over excited about something before bed 'Please just try, you'll sleep.' I'm pretty sure he wished I came with a snooze button.

I actually did eventually fall asleep before being awakened by Sour's tick, tick, tick toenails at 2am. He had to run, because he was about to have the runs (I hate that term, my mother uses it all the time and I hate it).

I jolted awake and ran with him down the hall so he could get out the door. He made it!

Once I let him in he would NOT go back to bed right away. He tried to dart into our living room to do something on our newly purchased extra shaggy area rug. Can I say? There must be innate protective senses when a pet owner makes such an investment and the threat of doggie diarrhea looms in the air. In short, Sour did not get anywhere near the shag rug.

Next he insisted on going to the basement. I let him and followed. It was 40 minutes before he allowed me to corral him up the stairs to return to bed. He was fine for the rest of the night.

I cursed the 6 am alarm.

Wally and I bought our tickets!!! We're going to Thailand!!!

In less than 3 weeks .... oh my goodness.

We are both so excited.