Friday, May 14, 2010

#10 - Go out for coffee with my laughs-alot-aunt

Well, I did it. Another number bites the dust.

Amazing how when you much something on a 'list' to do, it can actually get done (oh and the being accountable to several people at the same time helps too).

I called my laughs-a-lot-aunt out of the blue last week and left a message to see if she'd want to catch up. Sure enough she was in, laughs and all. She mentioned on the phone (well, kind of asked) if I'd mind if kissy-kissy-uncle came too. I said 'Sure if he wants to'.

I like kissy-kissy-uncle but admittedly was a little disappointed. For some reason I want every encounter I have to be deep, honest and real. Well, unless I'm not in the mood that day, then I don't. My ever changing emotions make things hard to plan for.

We left it so that he might come or he might not. I was a little surprised today when they walked in together, laughs and kisses to boot.

It seemed kinda weird in one way that it was the three of us. Not because it was at all awkward (how could it be with laughs and kisses?)

We kissed, and laughed and of course chatted. Just about this and that. Some more of this and that. We ate our chicken, shared some memories of funny things that had happened, and talked about relatives that none of us liked, then made fun of other ones (cause that's what you do when you get together with family).

It was actually nice. I really don't have a lot to add to this one. Nothing came out like when I had breakfast with my brother last summer. No huge secrets revealed. Really it was just catching up and laughing (oh and some kissing too).

I put this item on my list because I have (or had) three aunts. All of which I have been privileged to be fairly close with. Yet all in different ways. But for some reason in life it's so easy to let time pass and you forget those relationships and if you don't make an effort you waste a perfectly good connection.

Laughs-a-lot-aunt is my dad's only sister, the youngest of 6 (yes that means she had 5 older brothers!). She's experienced an incredible amount of pain in her life, incredible. I think (actually I know) she laughs a lot instead of crying a lot. I think in that way I am a lot like her.

My mama cries at the drop of a hat. Marshmallow (my brother) does too. I only do in secret (or at least I try real hard to keep it that way). I made jokes during awkward silences just like my dad. This gets us into trouble sometimes.

I was kinda glad today was a fluffy visit. Sometimes you need fluffy. Sometimes fluffy is essential. I appreciated fluffy this time.

Fluffy is good when you are a little bit fragile and need a little bit of care.

I think I needed fluffy today.

I really want to go home and cover myself in my duvet. But I can't.

I'm writing this at my Mama and Pops' place. They aren't here. And I'll be honest: they have 45 remotes for the tv and I can't figure out how to turn the friggin' thing on. So I'm writing instead.

...and they have cable too :(