Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gettin' Ready

Well a week from now Wally and I will likely be over an ocean somewhere just about in Thailand.

We can hardly believe it.

Yesterday was the day to get things done including booking our park, SLEEP, and fly hotel room for Friday, looking into yet STILL not committed to our 3 night stay in Bangkok on our way back, picking up Wally some sandals since we thought he had thrown his old ones out last year (then we found out they were still in the closet!!). We went to Home Depot to get some house stuff for my dad to install, returned some pants that I should've never thought I could wear, getting some money exchanged into Thai currency and a stop for frozen yogurt.

We learned in our travels ...

* travel agencies are useless
* don't expect your bank to exchange money for you even if their website tell you they can
* don't trust scanners at the shoe store
* buying your favourite snacks for travel is best done within minutes before locking your luggage up
* planning is exhausting
* we are more ready than we've ever been to go on this trip even though we honestly have no idea what we are doing or what to expect

While with friends today at lunch we were speaking of the trip and I commented how I couldn't have ever imagined ten years ago when we were married that we'd be spending our diamond anniversary doing this trip.

It's a dream come true in so many ways.

It's really only been in the past few months that I can imagine us actually being able to do this. I finally feel fairly confident that we will not only survive this trip still married at the end but we may actually BOTH enjoy it and be brought closer together. I can hope anyways.

This morning I did lots of packing and planning. We initially thought that maybe we wouldn't need our two large suitcases but once we actually put our clothes into them we realized indeed they were both needed. I'm just glad I'm not as high maintainance (sp?) as many other women.

Right now I am exhausted (I've been complaining about that a lot lately) and now finally feeling allowed to be more excited than worried. I trust that the end of our trip will fall into place.

I won't likely be blogging while away as we're not taking our laptop and I like privacy when writing. Instead I'll be journaling lots and will post when we arrive home. Maybe, just maybe I'll share some pictures.

For not I have to go. Pray for us.