Wednesday, September 9, 2009

40 Day Adventure Summary!

Items NOT completed:
#1 – Stop eating sugary, baked goods and chocolate for 40 days

This one lasted exactly 14 days and I truly loved while I was doing it. I didn’t find it difficult at all not to succumb to my ‘addiction’ because I was really engaged in life. I’ve learned this is a day by day thing I will work on for life …I’ll keep you tuned in.

#13 – Have my closest aunt over for a sleepover

I was sad but not surprised that I wasn’t able to pull this one off. In fact I’m not sure why I put this one on my list at this point. I think that I figured by putting it on ‘THE list’ that I would make it magically happen. Here’s the catch. My aunt has been caring for her dying mother-in-law for the past few months, after losing a brother-in-law as well. I didn’t really think through her commitment and should’ve considered this before listing it. I will make this a next year thing for sure!

#17 – Cook a Vegan Meal

There is no reason at all that I couldn’t have completed this item. I had a recipe and the ingredients for it since week 1. I had every intention of at least doing it on my last day but fatigue overcame me. No deep excuses.

#24 – Talk to someone in my city that works with an organization that helps the homeless

Well I sort of did this one. I did e-mail (at two different times) the organization that I really wanted to go and see and talk to someone. However I only got one e-mail back and still no reply to the other one about getting a tour. The must be busy people because to set up a time didn’t seem possible, I go the impression that they were more interested in serious volunteers (which I will hopefully be in the future) because the first step in the process was to fill out a volunteer application before anything else. Bummer. (At least I learned where it is on my little bus ride/pursuit of the passport office).

Top Ten things I learned while on my adventure:

I like relish and mustard on my hotdogs (along with ketchup).

It’s worth it to spend money (if you have it) to go to a beautiful place to stay for a vacation – however I’ll bet I could do this again and prove you don’t have to spend money to find a beautiful place. It was worth every penny though!

Relationships and people are the most valuable and interesting parts of life – they cost nothing.

Sometimes it takes practice to try new things – you may not love it right away but as you get better at it and allow yourself the room to try, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Sometimes the little things are really the big things.

Not to sound New Age-y, but the power of intention is incredible.

Nature is beautiful – make time for it.

It’s ok to spend money (that you have) on yourself – just don’t forget to do it for others too.

Your intention for completing a task may be one thing but the outcome may give you something entirely different – be ok with it and take with you whatever you learn.

There’s no time like the present!

It feels cool to inspire people but even cooler see people act on the inspiration (especially when it’s yourself).

That’s 11 things … guess I learned more than I thought!

Overall I had an amazing time doing my 40 things in 40 days. It was a great excuse to try new things without getting flack from people (or myself). It felt liberating in so many ways and pushed me out of me comfort zone for sure. I’ve been trying to decide how or if I will do this again. I’ve pondered doing another list right away (carpe diem right?), or doing a 52 things in a year, but as I remember how this experience went I think that I will pursue to try new things whenever I get the chance and for those other challenges perhaps do an annual 40 things in forty days would be fun. There is something about having a timeline and creating an adventure that made doing these things different. I will admit it totally wiped me out (as I got pretty into it). I think a lot of it had to do with the offshoots of life I came across from it. I learned that just by stepping out to try one new thing you may meet one person that introduces you to so many others that are interested in doing life with you – It’s been awesome!

The one thing I have to remember there are no rules to living life except for one – LIVE!

Adventure Day 40 Part 2 - #19 – Buy a piece of lingerie and wear it

Once I got home from my bus outing, around 9 am, I crashed on our spare room bed where I LOVE to catch extra sleep (or just missed sleep). Unfortunately by body was not co-operating and I just laid there with my eyes closed for a good hour and a half. When I finally realized that a good nap was not in my future, I decided to head out and tackle #19 on my list - yet again.


Third time is supposed to be a charm but I’m sure there is fine print that negates the saying when sleep deprivation is involved. I charged in the store trying to place my mind over the matter at hand. I decided that perhaps I’d go at this scant outfit shopping from another angle (wondering if perhaps I should’ve stuck around my bus stop down town a few more hours until the skanky ladies underwear store across the street from it opened up – neon and leather would definitely make my ‘never would wear’ list). I decided to look at bras and such (you know the ones you’d never wear under your clothes).

I scanned the contents of the stored and grabbed about 5 different ones. I went into the change room and was not too shocked to find out that none of them fit. I was borderline tears as I thought about perhaps putting them away and never to return, when a sales lady politely asked how it went.
“Not so good, none of them fit.” I replied leaving things open for discussion, something I don’t normally do – especially in a bra store.
“Would you like me to measure you?” she asked.
It’s at this point I would usually say “No thanks” and move on to an underwear-less store. But I had a stick-to-it-ness in me today that shocked even myself.
So I responded with a “Sure” and succumbed to some stranger putting a tape measure around my boobs – oh the fun of it all. She was a very nice, gentle spirited young woman who seemed to understand my plight, which made the experience all the better.

When she was all done she said you are a C36 or a D34. It’s at that point I almost died laughing. I’d never bought a bra beyond an A or B (usually the latter); maybe that’s why they never felt right. I had renewed hope as I went back out in to the store to find my new size. I grabbed another 5 or 6 bras and was back into the change room to try them on, thinking that things would be a whole different story. My hopes were dashed.

One of the bras I couldn’t even do up. When I reappeared out of my change room once again carrying a defeated look on my face the sales lady said that I could look for different sizes and that her measurement wasn’t a for sure thing. Even though I would rather have shot myself right then, I went back out and looked for 5 more bras to try on. Surely SOME thing, SOME where would fit. My result didn’t change and I took that as a sign. I briefly contemplated leaving the store to cry in the car but promised myself that I would not leave until I had something I’d never worn before (you know what I mean). So I marched up to a silk fuchsia cami with black trim and cute little pantaloons to match (that, by the way, said ‘Gorgeous’ on the butt), I got what I guessed would fit and went straight into the line the pay. I’d had enough.

After trying on 16 bras that day and countless other outfits in my two previous visits I finally had my buy. It wasn’t the stretch I was hoping for (there are absolutely no puns intended anywhere in that phrase), but it was different and fun. I left the store relieved, a little disappointed and ready for my 40 days to be done – I was exhausted! I’m quite positive that there were tears again while driving home but am not sure if they were as much to do with things not fitting as it was my incredible fatigue. Either way I was glad to have accomplished all that I had.

**Side story: At one point while I was in the store this time there was a man, I’m guessing in his late twenties/early thirties, that was with a friend of his wife/girlfriend’s, buying his lady something ‘special’ to wear. I almost lunged at his neck when I sawing him leaning on the counter with his cell phone in his hand talking to his presumed love. I heard him say (wearing a sleezy grin on his mug) “We picked something out for you to wear…” pause “Yeah I think it’ll be ok. I like it.” (Grin continues) “Well it’s not really for you, it’s more for me. I’m the one that’s going to be enjoying it…” I had made up my mind in that moment that men were scum – ok I don’t think they all are. But this one certainly was and it was due to people like him I felt so horrible about myself that day. Ok I’m being irrational, but admittedly I wanted to do away with him …. And whoever invented lingerie. **