Monday, August 8, 2011

Still in love ... with lists

Why is it that Weekdays always seem so much easier to be productive in?

That's probably why I want more time off work during the week now too (it doesn't seem to matter when I just don't want ot work ... just be productive).

Last night Wally and I tried to help take a couple of baking items off of my to do list for today.

Neither worked ... at all.

You see I rarely follow a recipe exactly. Usually when I bake it's much closer than when I cook but not always.

I thought I'd found this miracle recipe for 'clean' brownie cookies. Until we make them last night and they were nothing like the ones I made before.

Instead of the perfect chewy consistency they were crumbly. Oh yeah, and we forgot the brown sugar. Oops.

Then came my first try at a zucchini muffin recipe. How can they go wrong?

They did. Very wrong. I think it was less me this time and more the recipe.

Either way I was getting a bit frustrated with my baking tries becoming baking failures. And considering that was the main productivity of the day I was a bit disappointed.

I've mentioned before that I like lists. It's likely tied to my love of productivity. Which is probably closely tied to my dissatisfaction at my job (as you more often than not lack the feeling of accomplishing anything beyond giving medication, writing notes and all of the generally mundane stuff of life).

Sometimes if I'm on a productive roll and have accomplished more than I planned to I will ADD things that I've already done to my to do list just so that I can cross them off.

It feels good. Try it sometime.

It's not quite 1 pm and I've been rather productive (as is generally the case on Mondays).

I've cooked sweet potatoes and fish for dinners on the go. New oatmeal cookies (that seem to be pretty good), gave another try at the brownie cookies omitting 3 ingredients and adding the all important brown sugar. They were good but there's now something textural missing. I'll get it next week.

I just finished my upper body workout and have noodle limbs. And my incredibly bloated runners tummy (that grew after my 5 mile for the first time run yesterday) has improved somewhat.

I've emailed a couple friends, done 2 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes in the sink.

I've kept up with my Tiny Tower (which I'm getting close to giving up on), texted all morning with Wally.

I've yelled in frustration over slow technology, gotten annoyed with our new Scratchasouraus dog and am now sharing all of this mundane information with you.

I love the list I tell you.

Writing it, accomplishing it, scratching it off and telling you about it.

Seriously, I LOVE lists.