Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday Wally had an idea. He thought we should try walking our two little s on separate leashes. You know, to see what they would do.

You see, as I've mentioned before my little Sweet (my baby) is full of life and always on the move. This is often not conducive to Sour getting much business done, due to the constant motion Sweet is in.

So we did it.

I don't think we had any idea what we would be in for either. I took Sweet, Wally took Sour and let's just say there was beyond a distinct difference in how our two little terrors approached their morning constitutional.

Sweet immediately plunged forward dragging me with all of his might ahead of Wally and Sour. I soon got the impression that there would be no walking, only running and pulling. At one point I told Wally I thought I'd better jog a bit with Sweet, to wear him out. So we did.

The only one that got worn out was me. As we returned to Sour and Wally (who by the way were both carefully, quietly and gently walking down the street. No pulling, no running, no frolicking in the snow or eating it. Just a leisurely little stride.

I was immediately jealous of Wally and his 'angel' of a dog. by the time we were at the end or our new walking adventure three of the four of us were worn out and the other had just turned his energy down a hair.

Wally and I have often joked about our two dogs being perfect representations of us. Sour being timid, careful, thoughtful and slow to do try things. Not unlike Wally. Then Sweet, who has boundless energy, full of love, doesn't often look like he has a thought in his head (I know he's a dog but still ... Wally teases that he thought Sweet's thoughts would sound like a gentle breeze being blown by the mouth of an empty cave).

Changing directions for a minute ...

Today I had the day off. We are still getting used to schedules and life without school and assignments (as I've already mentioned). We have recently found ourselves rather bored and without things to do or people to see. Today was no different.

It started out with some computer glitch, which around here means turmoil. I often just like to hide when that happens. For some reason whenever Wally is even remotely frustrated I turn into an ostrich.

Today my retreat was the shower - a great place to think. And I did. I thought of how nice it wold be to be unleashed. Unleashed from another person who I have committed myself to until my death (or his). Unleashed to explore the world and everything in it. Unleashed to come and go in any direction without question or worry. Unleashed to do things however I want, when ever I want, with whomever I want. Simply Unleashed.

During my twenty minute shower, I put the water from warm to scalding hot, to cool then back to tolerable, I continued to think.

My dogs when apart are accelerated versions of themselves. This is really only noticed on their walks. I've read that walking is, for a dog, their purpose - their joy. For the past year and a half our dogs, when walked, have been put on a lead which causes them to HAVE to work together and they HAVE to respect (to some degree) the limits of the other dog or ... someone will get very hurt.

Not to sound like over zealous dog lover, or a cheese bag, but I have to make the obvious comparison.

Wally and I have committed to one another. We have put on our own 'lead'. But doing so we keep one another 'in line' per se. When I think of what I would be like without Wally I think immediately of my little Sweet. Uninhibited, carefree and to some degree reckless. When I think of Wally and his personality thoughts of Sour jump into my head. Slow to try something new, careful, gets close to people on his own terms, especially in his own space.

However the interesting thing is that when Sweet and Sour (and Wally and I) are connected to each other the walk seems so much easier. The limits are respected (most of the time), the flow is natural and neither seems to really have issues with getting off track.

As I spent time thinking in the shower I sat down and enjoyed the water falling on me as I sat in the tub relaxing. I finally realized I had to shut the water off before the neighbour wondered what was going on.

I know that generally when you finish a shower you open the curtain grab your towel and it's over. today I wasn't exactly ready to go back out and face my leash (I'm not trying to sound derogatory, it's how I felt today).

So I decided I would stay in my little shower closet.

After a few seconds though I realized (when the ice cold air found it's way in) that it may not remain comfortable for long - but I still wasn't ready to go. I snuck my hand out the side of the curtain and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body. I was still cold so I squeaked my arm back out to venture for Wally's towel. I put it on my legs and tucked in around them. Soon my head got cold. Back out my arm went and discovered the towel I would dry my hair off with. I draped it over my head like I was being Mary in a Nativity play.

Then, I sat there.

And sat some more.

I enjoyed the cocoon that I created and decided that this may indeed become my new prayer closet. It was so peaceful and warm.

Finally, after about 30 minutes, Wally began to look for me and I heard him call my name. He was in the bedroom now saying "Eva? Eva, where are you?"

I quietly said "I'm here" from my cocoon. Praying that whatever the glitch was it was figured out.

High above my head the curtain opened and at that point I had really wished I had my glasses on.

Wally just looked at me and began to giggle. "What are you doing in here?" He knelt down and held my gaze.

"Just sitting" I said.

We had a good chuckle together. I shared my excitement over the discovery of my new 'spiritual space' and then we laughed some more about how ridiculous I looked. I laughed until I had tears and couldn't breathe. It felt good.

I then felt ready to climb out of my refuge and encounter the rest of my day. And decided something...

I may need to purchase a Shamwow. For my make shift 'prayer closet'.

Leashes aren't all bad by the way. In fact I think mine keeps me from getting hit by a car.