Friday, May 20, 2011

The week overviewed

Observations from this week, in a nutshell ...

* there is no such thing as 'clear' depoderant. It's quite obvious that the commercials are just a scam.

* the mice in the attic are having a scratching good time up there. I wonder if they have their own tv show.

* I thinnk it's werid when my stomach sounds like creaky floor boards

* I miraculously finished knitting my first sock this week (with 4 needles!!). Not I'm addicted.

* I learned that for every day I leave my gardens (it's not 3 weeks overdue) it have the potential to overtake the world. The good news is by leaving it to grow I've been able to see plants I would have confused with weeds early on to come to flower, causing me NOT to dig them up.

* Eating clean is actually a lot easier to stick to when you learn how to cook and are willing to try new things. It's all a matter of learning.

* Sometimes I want to punch overly positive people who forget thatsometimes people are just going through a hard time in the face. Not to be mean, just to help me cope. Hopefully I remember what this feels like when I get annoyingly positive on people, so that I don't turn into the punchee.

* Looking in the mirror is a real struggle for me. Learning to accept myself as I am so I can concentrate on taking care of what I've been given isn't easy. I'm determined to learn.

* I'm not sure where 'home' is. But I want to go there.

* I think of Bee often.

* In a strange way my faith has been sparked through a book I'm reading called 'Heaven is for real'. More on this to come....