Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!!

I wonder if the teen years of a century are as tumultuous (wow I spelled that right first try!) as a human's teen years? If so I hope they are filled with as much spending money and fun too.

I hope you have been able to look back on the past year and see what ways you've grown and maybe things you'd like to become and do int he year to come.

Wally asked me last night, as we spent New Years at home in our pjs from 5pm on, why everyone made such a big deal about New Years. Why was it such an occasion for a party, booze, and a need for making plans? He was just being him and trying to engage in a possibly deeper conversation on the occasion, me being me called him a party pooper.

When I think about it though I suppose people like it for a few reasons ....
#1 - people like any chance to celebrate and get a day off. Since human kind as a whole on this planet (as far as I know) all seem to agree and probably have for a long time that New Years is a big deal we continue to enjoy it as one.

#2 - people like fresh starts. Who doesn't enjoy being given a clean slate? Even if you are a good painter it's still nice to have a new canvas to paint something different on. Sometimes I think our minds get so caught up in life (at least in North America) that we just need to reprogram them once in a while so we can work more efficiently (ok didn't get that one spelled right first try).

#3 - there is likely an actual ancient story to explain the excitement of why people started celebrating New Years and blah, blah, blah that would be way more intriguing than my attempts but I'm not getting paid to be that thorough so I'll let you do the research.

Sometimes I think it'd be nice if the world had a teacher, you know someone to keep us in line. Someone to smack their meter stick on the disruptive student's desk and give you a death glare if you gave a snarky comment (ok so I'm probably glad we don't have a death glare giver as I'd be long dead by now).

Some of you are likely wanting to remind me that God exists and He's got things under control and is the 'teacher' (only you'd use a capital). I agree that teaches and that He's ultimately the One in charge but the world isn't exactly listening, well not right now that is.

Anyways that was a ramble that was likely leading to a philosophical (seriously how can I spell tumultuous right first try and not philosophical? Oh my goodness I didn't even get it right the second try!!). I'm gonna get back to fun New Years stuff.

I've never in the past been a resolution maker, as I have always been wise enough to know a new date on the calender will mostly likely not make a life changing difference in how you approach whatever change you want to make. If you really want to make a change you'll make it where ever you're at.

At work they held 'The Biggest Loser', twice actually. The first one I joined, and gained weight. My hope was that my commitment to it and the accountability there would somehow push my into a smaller dress size. Clearly it didn't work for me, or many others. At first it sort of did but then the realization that I loved chocolate more than winning became apparent.

In the end at least two of the three top people of the first round gained back the pile of weight they had just lost. Then round two came and I was smart enough not to join (it did cost $25). When someone asked why I didn't join the second one I said 'No point in just giving my money away, I'd rather just keep it' (the Biggest loser won lots of cashola).

I had totally forgotten about 'Round 2' but not about my desire to lose 15 pounds and I went ahead and signed up with Dee and trained for trained for 6 months. 3 months in I learned the keys to healthy eating (I had only signed up for 3 months). As I went along I slowly learned more about myself, more about my body and how it worked, and the truth about what I really wanted - a healthy strong body.

I won't lie. Over the past 4 weeks Wally and I have not stuck perfectly to our clean eating regiment though we've tried for the most part to stick to the main principals. Packing, painting, dealing with an insane snow storm, moving, unpacking and then ushering in the holidays has not kept us taking care of our bodies much at all. That's why this New Years comes at a good time for us to refresh and tackle getting back to our normal of training and eating healthy. We can't wait.

I guess my point is that if you want to really change your life you don't have to wait for January 1st. However if you are like me you like to take any opportunity to 'start over' and try new things, even if they are small things to make a few changes. That's why now (after my 40 Day Adventure in 2009) I love New Years.

Sooooooo... I guess I'll share a couple of small things I am aiming for during 2011. No doubt I while add to the list through out the year.

#1 - Check my facebook only once a day.

Yikes!! I already almost accidentally checked it when I got onto the computer and when I was ready to put my password in I realized what I was doing and pulled my hands away from the keyboard like it was on fire. It was a close call!

This one seems small but I know will totally change my everyday life. It's become a terrible habit that when I have a free second I check it (unfortunately I'm not exaggerating). I had considered going completely off of facebook but then reconsidered as it's the best way of staying connected with friends I hang out with and it really has been valuable in restarting friendships I had in the past. So for now it shall stay and probably challenge me more by being moderated than if I'd just cut it out completely. I look forward to tonnes more time to blog and read and make sure my lunch is made.

#2 - Become a hugger.

Ok this one seems really scary. Like REALLY. I'm not a hugger although I respect the act of hugging. I think if you are going to hug someone you need to do it will sincerity and umph. I HATE the back tap hug, the 1 second hug, or the one armed half hug where you don't even touch hug. What's the point? If the occasion calls for a hug, HUG!! If it doesn't shake my hand, give me a warm smile, or an arm squeeze. I love me some genuine arm squeeze when someone is aware of the touching rules but wants to some some care for you.

This one also seems simple but for me will .... be tough. I mean, thank goodness my parents read facebook and know what their in for because otherwise they'd likely send me to the loony bin for hugging them when it's not Christmas.

I'll keep you posted on how this one evolves. I'll probably need to write up some 'rules' or expectations around 'the hug' or I'll squeak by without doing anything at all.

#3 - Become a Muscle Woman.

I am telling you first off NO I don't mean a body builder!!!!! You will no see me prancing around a stage in a stringy velvet sequined non swim suit with a tan comparative to that of George Hamilton. It will not happen because that is gross to me (no offense body builder women).

However I do hope to learn more about working out on my own and shaping my body better with what I eat and how I train. This could be a very slow process that takes me years to learn but I want to learn how to sculpt my body and shape it into something STRONG. This, to me, does not mean having biceps I could crack walnuts with. It means feeling strong physically and doing things with it I never thought I could do. This concept excites me.

The challenge is also doing this without a trainer but taking the initiative to try new things (carefully) and learn them on my own because the concept of making your body into whatever you want it to be with just diet and exercise fascinates me.

There you have it! Those are my official New Years Resolutions so far. They aren't huge but it's generally the little things that make the biggest difference right? I do have a list of other things I'd like to accomplish this year and just enjoy but I'll save those for another day.

Do you have any resolutions? What are yours?