Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 000 Seeds of Promise

This is my Campaign for Compasio Thailand!!!

It's finally underway and I am very excited!!!In the next week or two I plan on starting to meet with whomever I can find that is interested in helping me with fund raising for this amazing cause.

Here's a note that explains a bit more about what it's all about:

Since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to travel abroad and serve along side an organization that helps those in dire need, but as I grew older and attempted to ‘settle down’ I saw this dream as impossible. A couple of years go a friend of mine was sharing his recent experiences with Compasio Thailand working with at risk children. As I viewed the pictures from his trip my dreams were reignited and my heart strings were tugged. I saw the beautiful faces and hearts of the people he met and I was immediately reminded of what I had long since wanted to do.

This year I decided it was time to quit procrastinating and start investigating what it would take to visit Compasio Thailand and be a part of something beyond myself. My husband and I plan to take our first trip over land and sea to Thailand (actually to anywhere) in the spring of 2011. We are thrilled, nervous and curious to see what we will learn and how we will be changed by this experience.

Wally and I are paying for our trip to Thailand ourselves but as I was sharing our plans with people we were asked in what ways they could help. I decided that it would be a great challenge to fund raise the cost of our trip to go and designate it to a couple of projects Compasio had. After more deliberation and excitement the goal turned into something bigger …. I am now hoping to raise $10 000 for a few different projects for Compasio.

After learning about their most urgent needs my hope is to raise money for: 3 motorcycles - that will be used to go out and give health care and supply other needs to those on the streets, a band full of all sorts of instruments for both the staff and children being reached by Compasio to be uplifted and refreshed through music, and enough money to have one big fat party for the children and staff (complete with gifts) while we are visiting (I’m all about celebrating life!!). The rest of the money will go directly towards the greatest needs the organization has.

Please consider how you may want to be a part of this incredible organization and possibly even this project. Check out and see how you may be changed by what they are doing. If you are interested in being apart of my 10 000 Seeds of Promise Campaign (remember every seed counts!!!) go to the link on the left of this post and donate with a gift of your choosing and you will receive a tax receipt and help me keep track of how far we’ve come.