Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 8 of Successfulness

Overall not a horrible wagon ride. I almost jumped completely off but then I seemed easily swayed to just dangle my feet - doesn't hurt to live a little.

I only got 1 hour of sleep last night and was wide awake the rest of the evening. Got a lot of e-mailing done in regards to the par-te. Realized that 15 people actually had RSVP-ed (interestingly only 2 of the 5 people that I knew about was on this list) and I hadn't even known it. Clearly I'm no technological wizard.

So with 7 hours of time to myself I spent some time researching party ideas on the net. Decided that google was useless for parties of my persuasion and finally decided that I'll just have to be creative on my own. Eek.

It has been interesting getting e-mails from potential guests I don't normally correspond with who are asking for more info on the par-te. Every one seems to want to know more. 'What's this all about Eva?', 'Tell me more', 'You've got me curious'. There were a handful of people I decided I better actually give a few tid bits of info to so they understood why they were invited and what for.

I mean I'd be a little weirded out if I got an invite from someone I never see or perhaps haven't' seen in forever with little info on what the event's about. It's kind of neat though to peak people's curiosity. I'm a bit surprised how willing certain people are to come. I'm planning to trying and enjoy and make the most of every opportunity I have during this process to make people really think about their lives and living them.

We'll see how it goes.

Here's hoping I get to go to sleep tonight and have something incredibly witty to say tomorrow. For now I just can't seem to think normal, well normal for me, I'm just too spent.


Hey before you go, wanna send me just a line and tell me who you are in a sentence. I may not even know you but it'd be cool to learn. If I already do tell me something new. I don't know tell me something you LOVE to do or dream of doing. Be fun! Sometimes it kills me not knowing who is reading. I mean I don't care that you are a stranger but I feel like I'm missin' out on a good story, sometimes I feel that way with people I do know. Tell me.

Smile for me today, I'm a little too drowsy. Still so thankful for my life.