Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bits and Pieces

What a beautiful day today!

The birds are chirping (which usually annoys the hell out of me), the sun is shining (at which point I usually wonder when I'll have to complain about the heat), and I have completed the 'must do' to do list and it's only 9:30pm. We have plans tonight after I'm done work (though late) with friends we haven't seen in a while. WE have plans with Wally's sister and her husband tomorrow to celebrate the holiday (and will FINALLY get to see fireworks for the first time in years!!!).

I feel good!

I sort of feel as though I have little to write about but I know it's not true. I have tonnes of thoughts in my head but little time alone to let them ferment into some thing great. Though working mostly afternoons wasn't great for the relationship I really miss it for the me time and the time I had to write a lot more. I would bet that if I was single I'd prefer afternoons over days I just feel like I have way more time and I get so much more done in the morning. I am a morning person.

Little new has been happening lately, other than Sweet being a Scratchasaurus every night leaving me with little sleep (I'm trying ot get it while I can over the next year or so).

The other night Wally an dI decided to take matters into our own hands and try Benadryl. Yes, for the dog. I've heard and read from many sources that it's an option for possible allergies and we are guessing that's what Sweet has. The other night he was chewing himself so much that he'd even cry out at his own biting.

So off we went to the drug store and got our stuff with the all important syringe to give it to him with.

Well let's just say we should've tried to think back to the last time one of our dogs had to have medication taken orally with a syringe. We forgot.

Instead we foolishly believed that two grown adults could overtake a nervous, un co-operative 18 pound Shi-Tzu (one of whom was wearing a silk nightie which doesn't give good grip against a furry little body .... wow, you could take that anywhere but I trust you get what I mean).

We were ready for bed and I coaxed little Sweet onto my lap and then hugged him tight, pried his mouth open and yelled for Wally to squeeze the liquid in, while my attire caused a slip and slide effect that was less than humorous at the time. After much wrestling and failed attempts we finally emptied half of the medication into his mouth (on us and the bed sheets and duvet). And then I was hit by a lightning of a thought.... When Sour had oral liquid medication a few years ago we've justs squirt it on a piece of bread and he gobbled it up.

I hate moments like that when you realize you already knew the solution but had to go through crap to remember that you knew. (Hmmmmmm sounds like a good sermon illustration).

Anyhow, needless to say all four of us slept like babies that night and it was amazing.

I looked forward to the same thing last night except I ignored Wally's ever present advice not to consume caffeine in the evening (hell, I'm not 85!!). I rarely even drink pop but I'd bought a case of Cherry Coke while over the border with Glo on Monday and felt my 13 hour day deserved a treat.

Let's just say I should've consumed my treat at noon rather than 6pm and I may actually be 85.

In other news my grandmother knows about our plans to adopt and is actually happy. Or at least she said she was excited for us when she was talking to Wally on the phone last week.

I had my parents share the news as I didn't know exactly how it would be received. My mom is being a little strange. No blatantly negative just ... strange and not overly exuberant so I really didn't know how my 7over 75 year old grandma might take it, especially since we may not get an infant (it's strange how people will accept an infant so much easier than an older child often).

Of course my fears weren't eased when my mama said 'We'll tell her in person' in an ominous tone when she agreed to tell our news. I was afraid maybe I had cancer and didn't know it the way she was talking.

It was weird I had a conversation with my mama later and she asked if I still wanted a picture I'd always admired of a woman holding her baby looking out a window. She's in a light cotton long night dress, sort of old fashioned. Its' a fairly popular piece of art ... I think.

I thought it was interesting that she remembered that AND that she asked if I still wanted it ...considering the situation (I think).

I was caught completely off guard so I said 'No, it's ok'. I don't know. I still love the picture, it says so much. After I thought about it I thought it might be still nice to have in our room. A mother's heart isn't just there when she has a baby. At the time though I was thinking about baby rooms and just figured it'd be ill fitting.

I'm trying to be understanding and know that it's not always easy when you dream of something for your kids and yourself and for it to turn out differently initially. Overall I'm sure it'll be fine but it's an adjustment. A lot of her way of expressing love is through buying gifts. She loves to do this with everyone. And because we don't know the age of the child or how many or the gender I think it's difficult for her to bond with the idea yet. I'll have to be patient.

On a very exciting note when we told Wally's family (which admittedly was more thoughtful and built with excitement) they were all very, very happy.

I bought I card that had a cookie on it (appropriate in so many ways) and said 'You deserve a cookie', on the inside it had 2 cookies and said 'Actually maybe you deserve 2'. Then I wrote: 'Because we just started the adoption process .... which means you're going to be grandparents!!!'

I couldn't have asked for better reactions. I actually feel a little bad for not doing the same thing with my parents but I didn't want them to think at any point the card was saying I was pregnant, nor didI want them to NOT be visibly excited while I waited for them to be. I decided to skip it to avoid any of my own hurt over what their reactions would be. All in all it's all ok and evens out.

I'll admit though I worry a bit about if I ever get pregnant later and telling people. I honestly would be sad if people were MORE excited about a pregnancy even though it would be great - to us this is JUST as great. Oh well worries for another day, or maybe never :)

Instead of buying clothes and such I've started expanding our children's' book collection. I think books are amazing and hope to instill this into our kids. It's hard though. I want to buy all of the Berenstien Bear collection, definitely Little Critter (I love him!), and you know, all of the great books out there.

Book stores to me are like bars to an alcoholic. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! How can you go in without getting a few?!

Anyhoo, speaking of books 'The Help' is calling for me to read it. It's really good. I only wish I had more time in the day!