Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today was one of those days.

It was a good day and an 'it could have been better' day all rolled into one.

Work was a tad frazzled but worked out fine, but when I arrived home I opened the door to an aweful soured smell of dog vomit, clear urine and the other end kinda vomit all over the main floor of our house. I spent 45 mins wiping, sweeping, steaming and carpet cleaning (yes they finally hit the shag carpet I've been protecting!).

Sweet had not been feeling well .... at all.

I still smell it, even though Wally says it couldn't notice and my friend Chi Chi was over and she couldn't either. It's still in my nose.

I then didn't feel well after the work BBQ, thought how great it would feel to take the day off tomorrow due to my tummy upset butrealized that was nearly impossible at such short notice. Makes me wonder why we even get sick days.

Tonight Wally and I were also having a party of sorts, but not the kind you enjoy. We have some papers we are working on and we've noticed how incredibly disorganized we've been since moving. Yikes!! It's so bad. I think we'll need to resume the party on another night.

I would love to write more. I have a lot more to write. So much actually but I can't do it now. Soon I will and I can't wait. But until then you get to hear my idle complaints.

But you already got those ... so I think, for tonight, I'm done.