Monday, June 13, 2011

A Quick Note

I'm not here for long today but long enough to fill you in on my life as of late...

* my knees are killing me - I'm guessing due to the increased running and the unusually cool weather that has suddenly come for a few days.

* I'm tired - I'm only beginning ot grab a bit of sleep as last week I missed out on lots (not as much as a mother but lots for me)

* Wally and I have a nagging task that we both hope to complete tomorrow night - it's a secret... so far.

* I love my life without facebook so far but I miss having no way to contact many people whom I'm only connected with through facebook.

* Sweet has an issue with one of his eyes - boo!

*Glo gave me a new recipe for 'clean' cookie dough balls that have zero sugar or flour of any kind AND they are awesome!!! YAY!!

* I have successfully completed week 1 of training for my 10 K!!! (Did I mention that already in my last post? I can't remember).

* I need to go to bed.

* Before I do, i have to tell you that I finished 'The Birth House' and am next going to start the book 'The Help'. Looking forward to it!