Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Razor blades and drool

Well, we only have 4 more sleeps until out flight and only 3 more until we leave to begin our trip!

I have not slept well at all three out of four of the past nights. And as I suspected yesterday I have a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and crazy emotions due to sleep deprivation.

Once I finally drifted off around 3ish I went in and out of sleep at different points noticing the constant changing state of affairs going on in my head.

I tried laying on my stomach only to drool on my pillow and wake myself up. I'd flip over and begin breathing out of my mouth only to nearly choke on the dryness of it.

Early on I was relieved that I could at least breathe, until later when I tried to stop mouth breathing and felt suffocated by whatever was blocking my nasal passage. Not to mention the razor blades in my throat.

After talking (whining) to Wally early on I almost burst into tears at the thought of working the next three days feeling so yucky (clearly I feel like I'm psychic to think I will feel terrible for the rest of the week). How in the world was I going to do a bajillion hour trip with such a long first flight. The thought overwhelmed me.

However, at some point after breakfast, after Wally left for the day I decided to just swallow my feelings and decide to be as positive as I could possibly muster. Being depressed doesn't help anyone.

So here I sit in the sun light, in my favourite chair preparing to go out to pick up a couple things, get the last load of laundry done for our trip and make a couple of phone calls. I have a couple of hours to get stuff done and maybe squeeze in 'relax' time before my nine hour day (that I'm praying goes off without a hitch).

If you are a prayer, please do. Regarding both my health, Wally's too and for a safe and easy travels.

There is a whole other prayer request for when we finally get there. That we might have our eyes opened and hearts changed in great ways.