Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our version of 'Tuesday's with Morrie'

Yesterday something cool happened.

It was one of those things that you always want to happen but never seems to make it's way in this crazy busy often stuff is more important than people type world.

I was trying to take some time to relax a bit between shifts (as I had not slept all that well the night before). I was checking some e-mail, watching some home improvement shows, having near naps interrupted by telemarketers when something struck me from seemingly out of nowhere.

Let me give you some background....

I have a friend I've written about before, Glo. I admire her, look up to her, enjoy her presence and her outlook on life. She, without even trying to, challenges me to live out my life better than I would on my own. I very much appreciate who she is and that I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Glo, as I've mentioned, is leaving in July to go to Holland for a year to do nannying. She has always wanted to travel through Europe and figured this was a great way to do it thriftily.

Yesterday I was thinking about how much I would miss having her around. She has gone to yoga with me for the first time (actually 2 first times), let me torture her with a strength training session, done an hour of cardio while chatting non stop. She came over to keep me company one night when I needed to do some painting but knew unless I had great incentive I would put it off.

She's the kind of friend that while come for coffee when I just need to share a 'bright idea' with someone or when I need help or encouragement with a ridiculous goal (like 'I should raise $10 000 for an organization no one knows about around here') she's there to give.

As I pondered her future absence I got thinking about the fact that she would be gone for a year and knowing what I know about how life works when you 'go to try something out' it could turn into more.

I began to get sad when the idea that Glo may not come back to settle here again (who know she might but I'm trying to entertain any possibility), not only that but even if she did my life may not ever lend itself again to such openess and availability to just hang out any time again. A year from now could look very different for me too.

Though I'd like to think that no matter what, this friendship will be what it is right now. However the truth is: life changes, circumstances change and it is pretty much a guarantee that a year from now it won't be the same (whether for the good or otherwise).

I know this is starting to sound like I prepping to say 'good bye', 'farewell', 'it was nice to know you!' I'm not. Actually quite the opposite.

As I got pondering on the couch about what to do with the next 5 months of 'now' we have I thought 'Why not make a long standing date with Glo? See if she'd like to prioritize making time together while we can and really grow what we have'. Of course there was always a chance that perhaps she didn't want to commit to 'Thursdays with Eva' but then again maybe she would.

Onto facebook I went and wrote an e-mail explaining what I was thinking and feeling about the situation and without over thinking it off I sent it. I made sure there was the all important 'out' included just so that she wouldn't feel bad to say 'uh .... yeah I don't think so' if she felt it necessary. It's always a bit scary to put yourself out there but sometimes you just gotta.

Sure enough within a couple of hours I got my answer ....

Not only did Glo think it was a great idea but she had also been thinking about asking for the same commitment over the next few months! She also added in that she'd kept a note I'd given her after one of our first times hanging out and read it when she was sad. The funny part is I do the same with one she gave me.

It's funny, I realize this sounds like a mini love story with hearts and arrows popping up here and there, only of course this is in the realm of friendship. I'm ok with it though.

Sometimes in life you are given the right person at the right time in your life. I am beyond spoiled as I feel as though I have the right PEOPLE in my life at the right time. There are a few I am lucky enough to feel admiration over.

What I am even more excited about is that both Glo and I have realized the time sensitivity and rarity of what we are currently sharing in friendship and are willing to make the time to keep it growing. THAT is also such a huge gift!

Though I am sad that things will change and Glo won't be able to physically be the same kind of friend, I am anticipating building a great foundation for perhaps the next phase of our relationship that has potential to be deeper and more profound than the one we share right now. I know this is possible as I've experienced (at least in one relationship) a depth of friendship that I know would be impossible without that friend moving across both of our countries.

I look forward to learning a lot and enjoying the company of another wonderful person in my life.

I am blessed.