Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am getting very excited for the new year. I am getting very excited about blogging again. I am trying to think about what fantastic journey I want to go on in 2010. The thing is I want to know before 2010 comes to find me.

Perhaps I need help.

Perhaps I need suggestions.

I LOVED doing my 'Forty Days' of new experiences in 2009. They seriously changed me in a million little ways and a few big ones. But it's a new year and a new adventure. I really want to do experience big things. I just don't know what.

I have a mini list going that I'm thinking about. Maybe I'll share...

Maybe I won't.

Just kidding I will.

* Wally and I are going to host a HUGE party in celebration of life.

In efforts to make memories and thank those who have supported us through our journey so far. There will be a dance, cash bar, wonderfully fun decorations, a photographer to catch the memories, fun center pieces, thoughtful touches, and great food. Oh and don't forget the party favors and nice invitations. Oh yeah and the interestingly diverse party goers. We are so excited!!

* Wally and I are planning to go on a hot air balloon ride in the summer.

We've talked about it lots but have never conceived doing it because of cost - since my last adventure we've come to realize these experiences are worth it. At least we hope they are.

* I want to learn how to jog or run.

I'm really not aware of the difference but have always wanted to be the person that does 'that'.

* Wally and I are going to join a gym together.

This is something Wally has only recently began to show an interest in and to me is miraculous. I'm sure this will hold great stories to.

* I want to have a dinner, inviting a group of amazing women and honour them at it.

Really to celebrate them and to inspire eachother. Who does this?

* I need to go somewhere on a plane again, on my own.

Or at least travel and experience something - even if it's a learning experience. I've wanted to do a trip somewhere in the world to 'give back' for years. I don't know if this is the year to go over oceans, but somewhere new would be nice... we'll see.

* Go camping (like with a tent)

Some people like it.

* I would love to give up my addiction to sugar foods for a year.

I want to see if I can transfer my love for chocolate into something more healthy. That would be interesting...

Well that's all for now. Does anyone have any other cool suggestions? Feel free to add them.