Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This and That

I'm been waiting all morning to be able to sit down and blog before I rush off to work. Ahhhhh.....

So Yesterday was the day I decided to tackle working out at home for the first time. I wondered if I'd 'feel it', the workout I mean, or if being at home would host a lazy effort. Well, considering I'm feeling pain in every major muscle in my body I am happy to report the workout was a success! And though I am in some serious discomfort, I went to my old gym for one last cardio session before I get to use my treadmill at home. It felt great!

I am also easing back into my old eating (the good kind) and after two days already feel like ... I was going to say a million bucks but I'm gonna have to say maybe just a hundred thousand or maybe a half a million. Still waaaaay better than I was over the month of December.

I realized today that the changes I made were actually real and true. I actually love eating clean. I actually love sweating (well, only when it's on purpose) and I actually love pushing my muscles. And I love the effects even more.

I had been wondering if my goals of becoming a trainer (at least on paper) were silly, far fetched and delusional during my time away from working out. I thought maybe I was wanting to want to be a trainer. But after having a few different discussions pop up with various people I'd run into lately I am realizing I want to teach and motivate others that are in the place I was before I learned stuff (and still am at times).

I have such a hard time when people say stuff to me like 'Can you each such and such with your diet?' or 'I bet it's hard not being allowed to have this?' It frustrates me because though it is a 'way' of eating it has become (for the most part) my lifestyle and no longer (for the most part) a burden.

I was having this very talk lastnight with a co worker (whom, incidentally, I really like). We got onto the topic of weight training and I was hearing how she did things and this and that and I was practically writhing on the floor dying to share with her some simple things she could change to be more effective, however I knew I couldn't seeing as I'm still not in ideal shape AND who am I REALLY? No one. I have no papers saying I should know what I'm talking about. I have no proof that what I do works or that those that taught me were right or not. I mean everyone thinks they have the answers right?

This chat is among the many I've had with people regarding diet and exercise and how mixed up we all can get when we listen to EVERYTHING everyone is saying rather than doing research on our own and talking to real professionals.

I've also learned that people (myself included) need to be ready and willing to hear what you have to say before they are actually going to HEAR what you have to say.

I know a piece of paper won't give me the perfect body, but it will educate me more in what I'm talking about and maybe even show me how to better explain things to others. I have come to learn that this whole journey is looooooong and ongoing and as I am ready I will be able to achieve more and more.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I do plan on pursuing my Personal Trainer Certification. It's actually not a big deal at all and anyone can do it (I'm saying that factually not inspirationally). Even if I never use it as a profession I will use it as often as I can to help people in their own health pursuits.

That's that.

In other news ....

I have begun to look into Wally and I taking the mandatory course for adoption in our province (whether you adopt within your country or internationally). I learned that the course is $1400 for the two of us to take it. And there is one happening in our city at the end of the month.

It's at this point things seem very real. It's at this point we must ask ourselves what to do. It's at this point we wish that God would just float down out of the sky and say, in a calm and soothing tone: 'Wally, Eva, it's time. You are ready to become parents.' The clouds part, the heavens open, and the sun is blazing in our eyes. A small child appears sitting on a satin pillow and says, as soon as they see us 'Mama. Dada.' We take the child, are blessed by God's anointed wand and off we slowly walk into the strangely timed sun set.

It's funny though. We are still waiting for God to appear from the sky with the specific instructions on things, let alone a child in tow.

Now it seems to be time for us to make some decisions. Do we do it now, do we wait a bit longer, do we 'try' for a natural one first, do we not care and do everything? What do we do?!

I'm hoping at some point in the next few days we figure out what to do and feel peace about it. If you are a prayin' type throw one up for us please. We need the help.

In the mean time I shall keep living, keep striving and keep believing perfect timing will occur, along with perfect wisdom.