Monday, June 6, 2011

10K or bust!!

Wow! What a difference a week makes with some sunshine!!

I'm feeling much more 'on the go' and myself since spring, or rather summer has made an appearance (does Srping really come in Ontario?).

Along with the thing I can't share at the moment I've been up to figuring out another goal and setting it to paper.

After some time after completing my 5K goal I have indeed decided to go after my 10 K goal. AFter much research and reading I have found (what I hope is) a good training plan for it that incorporates both running and weight training.

I've also decided that while I'm training for it clean eating will be on the menu to help fuel the fire (hopefully!) I feel like incorporating clean eating with this bigger goal of going back to weight training AND furthering my running distance it would help immensely and give me more accountability as well.

I also am pairing my running goal with going off of facebook until I have a chieved my goal. Not only will it give be the decent break I've been really wanting from it but also probably a little incentive as well to get through it. No facebook until I'm done.

Though I am beginning my training this week, today actually, I am not going off of facebook until next Sunday due to using FB to advertise the Compassio garage sale fundraiser on Saturday.

I feel REALLY good about the whole idea of this goal and know that as I go after it I will feel a great sense of accompliment as I reach it. The program is 11 weeks but I am thinking I won't actually do the 10 K until the fall, maybe september. I would really love to find a running partner just to run the actual race (my first real one) with me. If I don't I will still be happy with the idea of completing 10 K where ever that is.

I won't lie I feel a little fearful of being able to do all of the training my program requires and sticking to everything as there are 6 days of training out of seven in the week including 3 runs, 2 cross trainings, and I plan on 3 weight training sessions as well. It should be interesting.

I plan on going lighter with the weights and adding weight slowly since I do have a decent foundation in this area and my goal is running distance not huge muscle growth. We'll see what happens.

I really want to see this goal happen because it's going beyond what I ever imagined myself doing and will get me into good overall condition. I am looking forward to it.

I have struggled greatly with my eating in the past few months and this has caused great disappointment as well. Honestly I feel good when I avoid processed foods and especially when I avoid eating anything to excess but that hasn't been the case. Though I have had a weight gain that isn't my concern really, it's the lack fo a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food.

Now it's so easy for me to focus on my failures and how I feel as though I've 'fallen' in this area but I must remember all the things I've learned, the things that have stuck with me and the truths as well.

Life really is a journey (I'm so tired of that cliche, but it is true).

I need to learned how to wrestle fairly with the journey and not give up. To win some and be happy and to lose some and learn new ways of how to win next time.

10 K here I come!