Saturday, May 8, 2010

#28 - Part 1 The Purchasing of the thongs

Yeah, so I took the first step towards the ridiculousness of #28. I bought some thongs. (This sounds hilarious to read over in my head).

Wally and I were out doing our weekly grocery/things that we could live without shopping and we found ourselves using a scanner in the ladies' underwear department I'm really unsure as to how this happened as Wally generally acts as if he'll get the plague if he even looks in the direction of the women's anything, but we were there.

As we were trying to weave our way out I thought 'Oh I could get the thong purchasing over with now'. So I quickly honed in on the ladies panties and soon learned I was in over my head.

There were so many styles. How did I not ever notice this before?! There were boy shorts, bikini, high cut, low cut, string bikini, regular briefs, thongs, thongs with elastic. Holy cats way too many!! Good thing I already knew what I was looking for!

I scanned and scanned for an economical option as I had no plans on spending my millions on something that may not survive past one wear (I don't know how these work).

Unfortunately there was another lady looking in the exact same area as I was. I am quite certain she was expecting and hoping I'd get my business over with quick so she could really look around. Too bad for her I was on a specific mission that I was not giving up on.

In the mean time poor Wally was at the end of the aisle pleading silently with me to hurry the heck up. I told him to just go into the next aisle and I'd meet him but I heard him say 'It's the kids' department, I'm not going over there!', like he was going to get struck by the fertility gods and we'd end up leaving with like six kids. I was shocked he didn't move, but rather waited for his crazy wife to make up her mind on blue or burgundy.

Finally I found what I wanted (well as far as the challenge was going) and I tossed my new ... underwear? in the cart and then quickly hid it under a shirt he was buying. No, I'm not 12 or anything.

This afternoon as we were emptying the bags I'd forgotten my new fun ... underwear? And I pulled them out of the packaging. I carefully explored the ... underwear?

So many thoughts ran through my mind.






*deep breath*

There's a lot of string here.

A lot of string.

Then finally ... Tomorrow is my lucky day. I can't wait. (If you didn't catch on, sarcasm strongly intended.

Then I flung them into my underwear drawer not to be looked at until the morning.

I can currently hear all three pairs (they were fraternal triplets) mocking me and laughing.

They'll get there's tomorrow.