Saturday, August 6, 2011

A List

Once again I feel like I have a hundred things in my head I want to write about but none that I really want to come clean with.

Maybe I'll do a list post just to keep it simple...

* After 8 days I am STILL addicted to Tiny Tower (this is not good)

* Wally and I just found out that we may have to prove our infertility as we move on with our adoption (this is one giant, fiery post in itself)

* I am continuing to brainstorm about my new blog/site idea and think it could potentially be a great idea

* I finished the Kite Runner finally last night. I highly recommend it's harsh look at reality in Afghanistan (it's not light on the soul)

* I'm thinking I should make my training course my next reading choice (although it seems a little dry)

* I've decided overall I'm officially dissatisfied with my job (this has barely anything to do with those I support and almost everything to so with how management is working - both agency and 'the system')

* Having my new trainer friend show me so many new exercises has totally made me fall in love with working out (since I do it for health and not weight loss anymore (though i could still use to loose - yes, I just bracketed inside of a bracket) I'm not worried that I don't feel like I'm dying)

* Speaking of my trainer friend ... we are considering creating a small business together next spring when she's out of school and I'm done my course and ready to train.

* I've noticed by focusing on my health and lifestyle and omitting the scale I've felt so much better physically, mentally and emotionally, no more guilt or tries at a quick fix

* I know a lot of cool people with cool stories (chances are YOU are probably one of them)

* I thrive on deep relationships, I enjoy discovering and working on new ones but at the same time I still miss ones that seem to have grown out.

* I got to see two little brown babies sleeping in their car seats in the past 2 days. I melt just after having the desire to eat them (please don't report me).

* I used Skype for the first time last night. I'm in love.

* In a flash of thinking I may never get to motherhood yesterday, I realized I would be ok if no one ever called me 'mama' and I was only 'mama' in spirit. It's all the same job. The bottom line in giving of yourself.

* Though there always seem to be a hundred things going on around here I have really had a sense of boredom lately that I cant' seem to shake. Wally says I raised myself into a higher 'life bracket' (Like when you go to a nicer coffee shop one time and discover it's totally worth spending $5 on a drink that will give you a taste gasm so you can't go back to the cheap coffee place any more).

He says I've raised the bar on my own life and now I can't settle for anything normal.

I haven't' decided whether that's good or not.

I will keep pursuing the good things anyways.