Thursday, February 17, 2011

Realizations ...

I'm been figuring a few things out lately. Well, sort of.

* Several times in the past few months when I've realized that I've misplaced something the first thought that I have is: 'Where's the beeper button so that I can find it?' (You know like the buttons on the base of a portable phone that make the phone beep so you can find it - I think EVERYTHING should have a system like that!)

* When I got home from work I used the washroom and noted the pjs and underwear of mine lying on the bathroom floor and I thought 'I'd better pick those up before my 'Clean Eating Students' get here. Then I walked downstairs and put something away in the bathroom down there and found another pair of underwear on the floor there. I was later in my room to put something away and saw another stray pair. I thought to myself 'Wow if a stranger saw this they'd either think I had a very fun ... intimate life or an incontinence problem'.

* More and more as new people at work seem to be diagnosed with terminal illnesses I am reminded over and over the lesson of not waiting to live out your joy. I am really frustrated that it's taking me so long to trust enough to live this out with faith. I hope I don't run out of time.

* Wally is obsessed with leaving lights on throughout the house during the night. I'm obsessed with staying in the shower until there's no more hot water. I think it's funny that our parents used to go on and on about someday when we have to pay for hydro and hot water we'll be more aware, but it doesn't phase us.

* While at work today a 2 1/2 year old little girl saw the little green squishy thingamajig in my purse and dove to get it out and play with it. I nearly tackled her to the ground before she could get to it because it is MY little green squishy thingamajig! I was successful, she was mad. I am clearly already deeply attached to the little guy. (Perhaps because I know it drives Wally nuts when I bounce it continually off of my hand a hundred times a minute).

* I am tired.

* I am selfish

* I don't care too much.

* I want so badly to sit for a day at home and be cozy and comfortable and really think about what I want out of life and how I want to give back and then figure out how to achieve some of my personal goals. Whenever I have time I feel overwhelmed at the task of organizing and understanding my thoughts so I avoid it. Hmmmmm, how could I make this fun?

* No matter what a person has they always want more (at least this is true for me!)

* Laughing makes everything better - that's why I'm excited tomorrow to be: Thirty one and FUN!!