Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Totally awesome stuff

What's totally awesome? One may ask.

Well a few things ...

The fact that as I type I'm sitting on a throne of sorts awaiting some action that has seemed to dissipate. But just in case the refrigerator sounds flare up I thought I'd cover my bases (as to promote smooth uninterrupted writing).

Another something totally awesome is the pepto pills that I finally gave in and gobbled up so that I could get through a full 4 hr shift.

Item #3 on my list of totally awesome is the fact that Wally and I FINALLY came up with a website address that seems to fit what I plan on making it. I'll wait to share it closer to the day but I have to say I think it's pretty damn great. (if I do say so myself).

(Just a sec, my butt is going numb. Let me find a better seat...)

Ahhhhhhh .... that's better.

Where was I?

Oh yeah the new site.

How about I give you a few sneak tidbits of what it will be all about?

In many ways it will be similar to what I'm doing now in that I will continue to write my stories on life. What I see, how I see it, what I (and Wally) go through or have been through. I suppose my perspective on what I experience.

I would like to go back through our journey towards adoption and give people an idea of where we're coming from and how different it is to choose adoption compared to having a family the 'traditional' way. The more people I talk to the more I realize not many really understand what the process is like. I'd love to give them a peak inside.

But in addition to that I also want to have some fun sharing things that brighten my day (baby monkey will be first on the list). Like videos, photos, funny stories.

I also would like to use it to share my favourite healthy eating sites (no the food does NOT taste like card board!!!). Maybe share once again the struggle I've had in this particular area.

Something else that I'd like to add to the new site that I don't' do here is other writers. I want other people to be able to share their own experiences on topics such as: life, death, losing love or a loved one, parenting, making hard choices, growing, being single, being married, going after a dream, going through a divorce or loss of a spouse, losing a child or a dream. There are a million more topics.

My hope is to be able to have fun times and thoughtful times helping people be able to learn and grow from one another simply by taking time to hear their stories. I look forward to learning a lot.

For those who don't feel comfortable writing but would allow me to sit down and talk to them I would love to 'interview' them. Which really means have coffee and hopefully take some notes.

The premise of the entire site is the idea of making the best out of what you end up with. Making lemonade out of lemons (although I hate that saying as I'm not a huge fan of lemonade).

How about ... hmmmmmm ... banana bread out of bananas. Yes, that's right. Mmmmmmmm.

If you like to write OR are passionate about something of the heart send me a line and tell me what it is or what you've learned in life that you want to share, how you've grown to appreciate, maybe not the lemons but an aspect of the lemons you would've never been able to notice had you not been given them. Because I'm not going to pretend we're going to always love (nor should we) the experiences we're given, but we can, appreciate perhaps the tiniest things in a pretty awesome way than if we hadn't.