Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new project

Ok so I only have a handful of minutes here it is ...

I have contacted the organization in Thai Thai and they have welcomed us to come and visit without any troubles.

Though there is much more planning to be done wally and I are tentatively planning on going to Thai Thai in January or February of next year (only 4-5 months away!!!).

I contacted Compasio a couple of weeks ago about visiting and about some sort of project I could post on my blog and facebook to work on while waiting for our trip. Something that could connect us a bit more to what they do so that when we arrive it won't seem so unfamiliar (what they do - I'll post more on that later).

Anyways I was given a short list of a couple of things I could work to fund raise for. Things that they really need and a few things that would just be nice to have.

As I got thinking of the projects to fund raise for I had the realization that most people doing service work abroad in this context have to raise their funds to go. Since Wally and I decided long ago that we wouldn't be doing that I had another thought: Why not raise the amount of money we would have for our trip over there only use it towards the needs they shared with us!! The amount we would need to raise would cover EVERYTHING they mentioned to me (like, their WHOLE list!!!).

I have already shared my thoughts with the organization and am now looking into how to connect up a system for collecting funds for these specific projects (I'm sure it's not that difficult, I'm just not tech savvy) on this blog and my facebook page.

My goal: $4000.00. Half of which I want to raise before we go (ideally it would be great to raise all of it but I do want to be prepared for the possibility it being a challenge).

I am confident that with the help of those around me and perhaps some creative fund raisers this can be done. It is something I believe it and plan to share.

*big sigh released*

What have I gotten myself into?

Something very ... worthwhile!!