Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I bought lamps

They are really pretty.

The last time I bought lamps for our living room was 10 years ago when we got married. They were $100. I got 4 in a box that was approx. 1 square foot cube.

I mentioned before that we were actually decorating our living room. Will stuff we are actually purchasing from a store. That in our fairy world opinions matches 9who really knows, I'm no fashionista.

I bought 2 lamps so far. They sit on either side of the couch on the end tables.

They look kind of crystal like and are taller than our other ones. They have silver parts on them too.

The lamp shades are grey and square shaped. They match the mirror we bought while we were pretending to be fashionistas.

I tried reading my book this evening with the lamps on in the living room.

It's too dark. I guess they aren't very good lamps.

But they're pretty. And, they match.

I'll have to buy other lamps that actually give light (like the ones I bought in a box).

Sometimes I'm not practical.

Sometimes I don't care.

I bought lamps. They are pretty.