Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on 'New Journey'

Ok so I guess I can't commit to anything again like I did my original 40 days. I mean I did do that in the summer when I only worked like 30 hours a week..

Anyways enough excuses hear she is...

I have been doing pretty darn good with both my eating and my time at the gym.

Here's the low down:

* I have been told to eat at least every 3 hours to keep my body moving and metabolizing I guess. It's amazing how challenging this can be considering I feel (or used to feel) as though I was a food addict. In reality I think I am just a sugar addict but with a specific focus it really has not been too difficult.

* I see my trainer 2 times a week for an hour each time. I have met with him 4 times now and am completely amazed at how rapidly I am improving each time I workout with him. This proves to me once again that God is an incredible Creator. To make us in such a way that we can truly change our bodies in this way.

* I go to the gym 2 more times a week (an hour per visit) to do cardio. This has consisted usually of 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 on the bike (a beautiful wide seated up right kind) and either another 20 on the elliptical or on another machine like it.

* This past Sunday I went to a Interval Box class which is an hour long cardio mixed with full body workout. I loved it even though I forgot my water bottle and was dried out in the first minute, thought I was going to die after 20 minutes, and was positive I'd give up after 35, but was rejoiced when we started cooling down at 45. (This counted towards my hour of cardio).

* I'm not sure exactly how much I've lost since I didn't actually weigh myself on my home scale, instead I got weighed in there. I had a hunch when they weighed me in their scale was 'nicer' than mine by 2 pounds. If it's true I've probably lost 3 pounds overall and it's been 1 1/2 weeks. I'm hoping this is true. The goal (my trainer's goal) is 2 pounds a week.

* I am really challenged trying to pack two snacks and two meals for on the road these days. Not my favourite thing to do as I don't own a cooler, oh well.

Wally's doing great too. We go at separate times for our personal sessions as we have completely different work schedules and we'd have to do it apart anyway. We do try to go together for our cardio - it's been amazing to have a hobby to do together, at least in some way. We really hope that when we are done our sessions it's something we can keep doing - like actually working out together not just machines.

Something that's kind of weird is that I haven't been sleeping so great. I've been getting the kind of sleep that makes you feel as though you are half awake all night. I'm not a fan of it at all.

I went out dress shopping today. Well actually just dress browsing, I had absolutely no real intentions of buying one today. I tried several on and was surprised that I wasn't completely in tears by the end. Part of it is because though my body isn't where I want it to be I know I am working with someone who keeps me accountable and I just started. That was wonderful. I also do wonder if my body is beginning to change already. I mean considering I've been busting it at the gym and eating like to near perfection, it's got to help in some way right?

All in all I am already seeing the benefits of this decision. Ultimately we are going to get so much more out of this than healthier bodies, which I had really hoped. To so many people that we grew up around and to many of our family we would be looked at as 'wasting' or 'throwing' away good earned cash on frivolous things, luxuries really.

In fact a girl I shadowed the other day (who by the way, goes on trips literally around the world every year for a couple of weeks at a time) told me that she wishes she had the kind of money to spend on a personal trainer - 'you're so lucky!' she said.

I nearly fell over and slapped her at the same time. I thought 'Are you seriously that stupid?' Everyone chooses their priorities. Sometimes we are granted the gift of being able to chose more in our life than basic food and shelter needs. Almost anyone in North America can do this these days. It's about what you are considering a priority. To her it was travel, For us in this moment it's the gym. Another time it may be a trip abroad, to someone else it may be the size of house or kind of car they have. None of it (in my opinion) is wrong, as long as it's for the right reasons.

The benefits for us:
* closer relationship because of a shared experience
* a new hobby to share
* huge confidence building for both of these childhood fat kids
* strength building, physical and mental
* more friends
* becoming the people we want to be for our kids in whatever ways this experience can give us.

There you have it. Our Journey in a nut shell so far.

I should tell you about the wild turkey moves I've been doing. I'll save that for next time...