Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sparkle in the dirt

Yesterday I was getting into my car Chuck and I noticed something.

The interior is dark like. Therefore all of the dirt shows up.

But along with all of the dirt, I noticed a sparkle.

It was a sequin that had fallen off of my party dress. (You know, THE dress, from THE night).

I'm now consciously avoiding vacuuming my car. Because I don't want to lose the sparkle.

I seem to I appreciate the sparkle more in the dirt than I would in a clean car (because you know I'd save it and put it back. It wouldn't be the same though. If I put it back).

Now, every time I get into my car, I look for that one little sparkle.

It makes me smile inside and reminds me that you can celebrate whenever you damn well want to. And ... I do.

Celebrating today,

Eva :)