Monday, May 31, 2010

Add on to the previous post

I really feel as though I need to add, for the many we know who do home school, I do respect any parent that can teach their child full time. It takes incredible commitment and patience. AND I completely know and understand that each child and situation is different.

I feel the need to remind those reading that I believe we should each do what is right for us. These were just my thoughts on how things have changes for Wally and I. Not thoughts on how we feel the world as a whole should do things ...

AND I completely realize that should OUR situation and thoughts change, we may be coming to the homeschooling parents out there for help - have mercy on us!!!

There you go.

Now if you are a homeschooling parent maybe you should add in your two cents. I've given mine. I'm sure there is a view I haven't heard. Mine was posted from a 'trying not to be an overprotective Christian parent' view. You may be coming from a 'My kid deserves a fair chance in this world' view. Or a 'You didn't think of this Eva' view.

I ask for your thoughtful perspective ...

Because whether we do things the same or different, I respect it.