Monday, May 31, 2010

Add on to the previous post

I really feel as though I need to add, for the many we know who do home school, I do respect any parent that can teach their child full time. It takes incredible commitment and patience. AND I completely know and understand that each child and situation is different.

I feel the need to remind those reading that I believe we should each do what is right for us. These were just my thoughts on how things have changes for Wally and I. Not thoughts on how we feel the world as a whole should do things ...

AND I completely realize that should OUR situation and thoughts change, we may be coming to the homeschooling parents out there for help - have mercy on us!!!

There you go.

Now if you are a homeschooling parent maybe you should add in your two cents. I've given mine. I'm sure there is a view I haven't heard. Mine was posted from a 'trying not to be an overprotective Christian parent' view. You may be coming from a 'My kid deserves a fair chance in this world' view. Or a 'You didn't think of this Eva' view.

I ask for your thoughtful perspective ...

Because whether we do things the same or different, I respect it.



Anonymous said...

I think you're a very sensitive person Eva my friend.

When I read your last post, I was thinking, "Hmmm, I agree with some things, but definitely not others... I'm really glad that we can respect each others' opinions, agree on some important facts, disagree on others, and still be friends."

I was actually thinking of commenting to that effect, but didn't want to offend you. (I didn't think I would, but hadn't gotten around to writing anything...) So I think it's good that you've preemptively said things to smooth any hurt feelings...

I love you for being completely honest and still caring for others' opinions too...

I agree 100% with you on the Home Schooling issue, but also leave room for the fact, that I might feel completely different about things when the children are MINE!

Anyway, interesting food for thought :)

Have a great week,


S. said...

Hubby and I have discussed homeschooling our future children. Unlike 80% of homeschooler's we would not be doing it for religious reason's, we'd be the other 20% who just want to explore different educational opportunities and and individual based learning style. There are some great alternative philosophy private schools too... Waldorf, and Montessori, so there are lots of options.

trainspotter said...

Here's my two cents as a parent who home schools one child (for the 'my kid deserves a fair chance' reason) and has the other in the public system (for the 'I'd have to be on crack to think I could home school both of them' reason)...
I think any decision to/not to home school, should be an "educated one" (no pun intended) and one that considers the needs/resources etc. of everyone affected by the decision.

The truth is the public education system in this country really isn't an ambitious one. It's sort of a "one size fits none" approach. Some kids do reasonable, but never fantastic and if your child is learning disabled or has behavior challenges it will be a fight the whole way (if your child is autistic don't even go to the door). The education is also more of a regurgitating facts and conformity approach to learning and doesn't really facilitate thinking or higher reasoning skills but that's just my opinion. Statistically, private school students and home schooled students do better on standardized testing (regardless of parents IQ'S)than those educated in PS. Something to consider.

Before having my kids, and even when they were little, I thought I'd never home school and also thought it was wise not to "shelter" my kids from the real world by putting them in a separate school. But lately I've been questioning that position. The real world is a lot more dangerous than it use to be. In this last year, Bean had a boy threaten to "stab her and her whole family to death" if she didn't kiss him at recess. This is kindergarten! And we just got a letter sent home informing us that a strange man was on the playground taking pictures of our kids and trying to coax them into his car... apparently even predators don't see the school yard as being adequately supervised (and we live in an upscale area with a "good" school).

I should probably say something about the challenges of home school to balance it out... but I like home schooling (despite the fact that Boo is intensive 1:1 all day) and even the dreaded "socialization challenge" can be easily solved.

Eva said...

THANK YOU Trainspotter for your response - I was sooooo hoping to hear your thoughts!!! Well said and very thought out - as I know you've had to really search this one out.

I've definitely thought about all of your comments and appreciate hearing all different sides of the coin (yeah , I think there's more than two :)