Friday, April 30, 2010

Random NOT party stuff.

Things I've noticed lately...

* I want to go out for beer with my trainer because I think we could be great friends. However I think it'd have to be protein shakes as he doesn't really drink much, and well he definitely wouldn't let me have beer.

* I have become reliant on my cell phone in a way that I always found annoying in other people

* The 'post-party blues' are beginning to pass as time does

* I realized the other day I have no idea what it's like to have weekends like normal people. I definitely took them for granted before.

* So many aspects of my job make me smile big on the outside and even bigger on the inside - I love it!

* My job isn't really a job ... it's so much more (not being conceited ... you get it)

* I don't remember the last time I ordered french fries in a restaurant and I'm ok with that.

* I have an all time favourite photo from my party and so badly want to post it here but can't :(

* I've actually considered lately no longer being anonymous in my blog world (but then again for the most part it isn't anyway)

* I got to hear Wally be inside out excited to hear that we'll be hanging out together tonight - that was cool.

* We've been out of Peanut Butter Cup protein shakes for over a month and Dee gave me one at the gym for free today and I totally had a protein shake-gasm. mmmmmmmm

* I canoodled with a cat this morning. And liked it. The only time I considered getting a cat was when I thought it might be a fun toy for our dogs.

* My three favourite sayings are: 'I'm so hungry', 'I'm so tired', 'I'm so full'. If I am any of these three things you will hear about it several hundred times.

* I was reminded today that some friends are really given to us only for seasons. It made me a little sad.

* I think sitting in perfectly tempered sunshine is like a hug from God.

* Dee and I may actually be working on turning my body into a bikini clad creation. He's quite positive, I'm not so sure yet. (We renewed our sessions and are glad about it).

* Having money now is weird. But we aren't going to argue with it. We share.

* Even though I come off as unhuggable, some days I just want a big fat bear hug from someone who loves me.

* I really want to get 'disconnected' from technology but am afraid I will become 'disconnected' from people. I want to find a balance.

* I actually booked off 1 1/2 weeks from work (MIRACULOUS FOR ME!!!). I'm thinking about a retreat for myself.

* I realized I LOVE connecting with people any way I can. I love talking with them for real, I love 'for real' e-mails, I love making new unexpected friends. I wish I didn't feel so guilty being forward with strangers.

* I miss being loved by kids. There's really nothing like it.

* I'm tired.

* I'm hungry.

I better go ...