Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buying plane tickets and other adventures ...

So I alluded to this in my last post and now I will tell you for sure....

Wally and I have booked our tickets to Thailand!!!!

We are so excited - both of us.

I'm not sure how it happened or even why on that particular day (Sunday past) but after some discussion on the possibility of taking a couple of days to just roam around Bangkok before heading home we both felt at peace with the decision to go ahead and purchase our tickets.

It was actually kind of an eventful day Sunday.

We spent the early part of it painting our 'someday' child's room. Of course in great Wally and Eva fashion we ran out of paint. We always run out of paint. I guess it's our thing. Don't ever look too close in our closets.

Between coats I cut Wally's hair. When we finished I sat to do some knitting (I'm a very early beginner), when I realized there was a scandal beneath the surface of the neatly wound yarn that I was seeing. As I pulled for more, resistance met me and thus began several hours of detangling.

I honestly never thought I'd get it done but by 8:30pm I did and I was excited!

I'm not sure what solving a yarn dilemma has to do with the need to purchase plane tickets but in doing so I decided to reward myself by looking into our trip.

After a couple of e-mails exchanged with Glo on where to get the best deals I had found one and got the go ahead from her to buy.

In my excitement over finding a deal I had abandoned 2 squares of my 70% dark chocolate on the couch (Can I just emphasize how uncharacteristic this was of me - apparently resolving yarn conflict can be that life altering!).

I hadn't thought twice about leaving the chocolate or the fact that our dogs were all about because, first of all, I would never normally leave chocolate, and second of all they never ever care about eating people food really.

Well, it appeared that evening I should've thought twice.

After sharing with Wally that I'd found our tickets, who was distracted watching Anne Hathaway do a song and dance number, he asked me 'Did you eat your chocolate?'

I answered 'No, did you?'

'No' he said.

It was then we both looked down at our youngest fur child and saw him smacking his lips in shear delight.

We quickly shook out the old comforter he was standing on to see if by chance he had only licked the lonely snack left behind. No dice.

Sour had indeed ingested 20 grams of dark chocolate.

I went about my business with the tickets 'So are we ready to buy?'

While Wally dashed to the computer to google 'What to do when your dog eats chocolate' (how did we solve life's problems before google?).

Knowing that the tickets would have to wait until Wally's over reaction was done I resumed with my knitting as if nothing had happened, trying to be patient until I could click 'confirm' on our ticket order.

Wally began spouting off information left and right. Smoke began to billow out of his ears. More so when I said I wasn't going to take Sour into the emergency vet for a couple of hundred dollars when I was perfectly capable of sticking my finger down his throat to induce vomiting.

Wally kept searching. I kept knitting.

'Are you freakin' crazy? He could die!'

'Oh he'll be fine stop over reacting. If it would make you feel better I'll call the vet and ask, I'm sure it's just an old wives' tale'.

Wally threw the phone to me (actually I think it was at me but perhaps he had reason).

I called the vet and sure enough the amount of dark chocolate Sour had consumed was toxic enough to possibly induce seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and even maybe death.

'Ok so you were right, let's go' I declared with an ever so tiny white flag hidden in my voice - very tiny.

All four of us (we couldn't leave Sweet behind), piled into our car at 9:40pm and headed off to emerge with Sour still enjoying the taste of chocolate on his furry little lips.

By 10:30pm we were home none worse for the wear (well depending who you asked, or who's wallet you asked), Sour sporting an ever so blackened beard from the charcoal they put into him.

'So, can we buy the tickets?' I asked.

There was humming and hawing but there must have been some sort of 'ok' nod because before I knew it 'confirm' had be clicked and we were in the midst of deciding on insurance or not.

It was well past our 9:30 pm usual bedtime (yes we're 80 yr olds) when we finally crawled into bed.

Actually strike that, I think I Tigger hopped into bed asking 'how can anyone expect me to sleep at a time like this?! I'm so excited!'

Wally dug his head into a pillow, held my hand down and said what he usually does when I'm over excited about something before bed 'Please just try, you'll sleep.' I'm pretty sure he wished I came with a snooze button.

I actually did eventually fall asleep before being awakened by Sour's tick, tick, tick toenails at 2am. He had to run, because he was about to have the runs (I hate that term, my mother uses it all the time and I hate it).

I jolted awake and ran with him down the hall so he could get out the door. He made it!

Once I let him in he would NOT go back to bed right away. He tried to dart into our living room to do something on our newly purchased extra shaggy area rug. Can I say? There must be innate protective senses when a pet owner makes such an investment and the threat of doggie diarrhea looms in the air. In short, Sour did not get anywhere near the shag rug.

Next he insisted on going to the basement. I let him and followed. It was 40 minutes before he allowed me to corral him up the stairs to return to bed. He was fine for the rest of the night.

I cursed the 6 am alarm.

Wally and I bought our tickets!!! We're going to Thailand!!!

In less than 3 weeks .... oh my goodness.

We are both so excited.