Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feedback appreciated!!!!

Hey bloggowers!!

Ok so I just wrote an entire blog post featuring what my ideas for my possible website are and Wally just told me I should not share them.

So in my ponderings of where I want to go with a potential website or blog I am asking for your help.

I already have ideas of topics and things I would love to include but since I have an audience (though potentially small) in front of me I would love to know topics that interest YOU.

What peaks your interests??

I want to know what deep, surfacey, funny, thoughtful ideas you may have. (Did I just cover them?)

I'm excited about this little endevour but I really would love to hear about what you think. What gets you going? Hearing a story about a pink skunk siting? Reading about how differently someone else thinks? Or, just hearing that you are always right? (Personally I like the last one the best!)

Share! Share! Share!

Be annonymous if you like but do ..... SHARE!!


Eva :)

Benefits or burdens?

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Thursday!!

Time goes by so fast!

Things that I've been preoccupied with:

* helping Wally finish up the basement rec room (looks pretty good, at least compared to the panelling before

* getting reacquainted with an old friend who I believe has been placed in my life at the perfect time

* my Tiny Tower (Wally did end up getting me a different refurbished ipod touch and now I can't go anywhere without my Tiny Tower .... it's a problem).

* dreaming - about a potential future business in the fitness/nutrition field

* how to try once more at cutting back my hours at work (have yet to be successful at it)

* brainstorming about a potential new blog/website that I'd love to start welcoming the views and experiences of other people (possibly focused on the needs of women but not sure)

* having old friends and their ultra adorable, yet sometimes loud (normal kid loud) children visit. (Incidentally I was told by their 7 year old daughter, after she kissed my hand, that I was as beautiful as a princess, I entered a euphoric state).

* baking LOTS of new 'clean' treats that are AMAZING!!!! This Christmas I will bake again!!!

* taking a little break from training (does 6 days count?)

* being challenged by the idea of living 'outside of the box'

It seems that as my mind gets a chance to dream it goes crazy with new ideas and thoughts of what I could do to enjoy life a little more.

I'm once again at a turning point I feel. I honestly think I'd quit my job today if I could to pursue something that I would love now. I;m sure I seem flaky and non committal at my job but I don't regret my decision at all to go into this field. I've learned more than any book on life could teach me. I have learned how to respect those that are different AND see how NOT different from me they are.

Sometimes I wonder if we get so caught up in the expectations of those around us that we forget to listen to our hearts on the of our own lives. It's so easy to do as sometimes all we hope to do is survive another day.

After just recently earning (after 1 1/2 yrs) benefits at my work I now have no desire what so ever to continue on. In my head I know much of my desire to get benefits was to prove that I could do it. I've never had them on my own before, I've always relied on Wally and over half of our marriage was empty of them anyway (we're healthy people so it wasn't a big deal).

Now that I know I've done it and that if I ever wanted to I could again, I have no other desire but to say 'Cut back my hours please, I don't really care about the benefits!' Let me tell you if the shock wasn't already there that I had no desire to get full time benefits while working full time, would they be surprised at the fact I could work part time and still say 'no thanks' to part time benefits (which are actually really good).

I don't want to live me life tied to a post. A post that may not even benefit me (even though everyone says it will).

I have to say too that I am VERY, VERY fortunate that I am blessed with perfect health right now and I have no reason to worry about ditching the 'post', some people aren't so lucky. They would require a great deal more faith than I to ditch their post.

Notice I did not say I believed they had to stay tied to the post?

I believe (I know, easy for me to believe), that the only difference stopping one person in a more challenging position than another to go after their passion is their faith. We all have to have some, but a few of us need what seems to be a hell of a lot more.

So .... if you see someone tied to a post. Do them a favour and teach them how to cut themselves free, encourage them to, be there for them and cheer them on.

If you're the one tied to a post dont' let anyone convince you that what you see as a burden is your benefit. Only you can decide that.