Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feedback appreciated!!!!

Hey bloggowers!!

Ok so I just wrote an entire blog post featuring what my ideas for my possible website are and Wally just told me I should not share them.

So in my ponderings of where I want to go with a potential website or blog I am asking for your help.

I already have ideas of topics and things I would love to include but since I have an audience (though potentially small) in front of me I would love to know topics that interest YOU.

What peaks your interests??

I want to know what deep, surfacey, funny, thoughtful ideas you may have. (Did I just cover them?)

I'm excited about this little endevour but I really would love to hear about what you think. What gets you going? Hearing a story about a pink skunk siting? Reading about how differently someone else thinks? Or, just hearing that you are always right? (Personally I like the last one the best!)

Share! Share! Share!

Be annonymous if you like but do ..... SHARE!!


Eva :)


Anonymous said...

I think all three things sound interesting :)

Anonymous said...

I like what you're doing right now. You're sometimes

but always thought-provoking :)

I like the balance as too much of any one thing can make my head hurt...

You do a great job and I would read pretty much anything you wrote :)

Eva said...

That is so incredibly kind. Thank you .... so much.